Friday, February 21, 2014

Lesbian Party Tonight

My agent booked me to strip for a lesbian bachelorette party tonight for 10 girls. Supposedly, they hired me and requested a female stripper as well. This deviates from the norm, and it will be a first for me. The location is in southern Alabama.

However, when I called the customer yesterday, no one answered. I left a voicemail. Still no response. My agent will call them today and try to confirm. He booked this party a month ago. A lot of plans can change in a month. 

We'll see what happens tonight.


Looks like this party never called back. Here's the exchange I had with my agent:

Agent: Ok. If they don't call back then don't go. She is being an asshole at this moment...

Me: I agree. Did she make a credit card deposit?

Agent: No she did not. She seemed serious to me. Cunts.


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  2. So what happened eventually?