Sunday, August 3, 2014

E-mails Regarding Height

Lately I've been getting a lot of e-mails from male stripper applicants who feel that their height may be an issue. Here's what they have written (all spelling and grammar errors remain intact):

Marcc M. wrote:

Heyy i need help im 5'5 do you think they'll accept me to do stripping

Irvin B wrote:

Well I am 22 about to turn 23, I am a good looking mexican,  I noticed as I am getting a bigger and muscular aesthetic body I am looking better ( facial), I am not a shy guy to dance in front of women ( even thought I never been on stage ), I have move, naturally I love to dance, great personality and many women always told me I look like the type of men to be a flirty one even thought I am not flirting just smiling most of the time.However  I am 5'5 tall ( pretty short) maybe 5'6 with boots lol, I am moving out to tampa. With all the experience you have, I will be grateful to receive an honest reply/opinion from you think I am able to make as a stripper? Side note: for some reason it seems that males get attracted to me since I am always getting compliments from them pretty often lol, which I think it would be the case for women as well... 

 Michael V. wrote:

Hey there, I have been reading your blog for a while (great guide seriously, thanks for putting your experience on the internet) and I am interested to start a stripper career. And I was wondering what is your opinion about my height/weight/physic about a job like that. I am 5'8'' and around 154 lbs . I'm not very muscular and not very tall and I just want an expert opinion. Thank you once more for this blog it is really helpful !Best regards ,Michael

Isaiah W. wrote:

Is there a specific height limit that agency's prefer? Thanks man 

My response:

I'll be honest and blunt with all of you. Height is a very important quality of male strippers, with taller being better. An agency might consider a shorter guy if he is better built and better looking than most of the roster of the incredibly muscular and good-looking guys. Even then, some companies have height requirements with 5'10 (177 cm) usually being the bare minimum. Most companies prefer 6'0 or taller.

Height ranks at number one among the physical traits women complain about when it comes to male strippers. Even a good looking and muscular guy who is 5'5 will get complaints.

You have to take in account that some brides and birthday girls will be exceptionally tall. I've run into some girls who tower well over 6 feet. Many women will want to pose with the male stripper for pictures. Imagine a 5'5 guy standing next to a bride who is 6'2 and wearing high heels. The short guy would resemble a midget in comparison and possibly make the bride feel like an ogre. That's shitty customer service there.

That said, don't let your height get in the way of applying. I have seen short male strippers before. In fact, I met another guy at a male revue who was 5'5, but he was the most muscular one among us. He was far from the most popular, but at least he didn't embarrass himself when he ventured out into the crowd. However, Chippendales and other big name companies would never hire him.

If you're short, you're going to start off with a handicap. Just as it is in basketball, height plays an essential role for male strippers. It sucks. It's not fair. But we cannot all be male strippers, just as we cannot all be rocket scientists or professional basketball players. That's life. Don't let height prevent you from trying, though. Continuously train and better yourself, then apply and see what an agent says. Rejection won't hurt anything except maybe your ego.

And to those who e-mail me seeking help, a little courtesy or gratitude goes a long way when I take time to write you guys an answer. Yes, I'm talking to you Marcc (e-mail #1). You asked me for help without any trace of common courtesy in your e-mail, and then said nothing when I gave you a response. Not even a "thank you" or even the slightest bit of acknowledgement. If that's how your attitude is with everyone, then you're definitely not cut out to work as a male stripper which requires a certain degree of professionalism.


  1. Hi,
    I was wondering If you can be too tall to be a male stripper. I am a little over six foot six and I don't want to look like some giant in the way. I dont know what is your opinion?

    1. You're fine at that height! I wouldn't even worry about it.

    2. You're fine at that height! I wouldn't even worry about it.