Friday, May 29, 2015

A New Job Offer

The lack of recent updates stems from a recent job offer. I submitted for a position at a well-established company in Seattle, which requires an advanced Japanese skill among other things. Therefore, I spent a lot of time researching and studying for the upcoming job interview.

Well, they got back to me with an offer that was just over $20 an hour, plus benefits and stocks. I politely declined.

Right now, I make roughly $30 an hour with my full-time job, plus whatever extra I pull in from stripping on the weekends. The cost of living in the South is very cheap, and the weather is nice. I basically have it made.

In Seattle, the minimum wage is set to increase to $15 an hour, meaning that despite the new job requiring professional skills and harboring loads of potential liability for mistakes, I could simply wait tables at a restaurant for a few dollars less an hour without the need to earn certifications. On top of that, the cost of living in Seattle is much higher than my current location, and steadily increasing too!

Thus, I'm staying where I'm at for now.

Besides that set-back, the male stripper memoir is almost finished. I'm predicting it will be available in about 4 to 6 weeks. I'll post the cover and some sample chapters soon.

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