Monday, June 1, 2015

Appropriate Age for Stripping

Many high school and college students message me about getting into the male stripping industry, wondering if they meet the appropriate age requirements. That's understandable, since the prospects of money and women sounds great to any young man. I've dedicated a section to it in my book, but will expand more here.

To get started, I've asked booking agents from three different entertainment companies their opinions. Keep in mind that these agents book strippers for private parties, not clubs or revues. Here's what they had to say:

Agent #1:

I usually prefer the guys to be 25 or older. Maybe I'll hire a 21-year-old if he acts really mature and responsible, but that's rare. More often than not, the young guys cause the most problems and get the most complaints. They are usually late, don't take the job seriously, or treat this gig like it's their personal hook-up service. 
The sweet spot is around 30 or so. These guys are more mature and responsible, and treat this profession like a business with a focus on earning money and providing good customer service. They're also at that age where they're attractive to both the older and younger crowds.

Agent #2:

I don't get involved with them that young. I feel like they are children still. My limit is 21, but usually it's 25 and up. They have more responsibility.

Agent #3 (female agent):

Golden Boy at age 22.
We've tried hiring a few young guys at the 21 and 22 age range, but it never works out. They don't know how to talk to customers very well, which is something that comes from experience. 
Many women don't like younger men so much anyways. We can't send a 21-year-old guy to a group of ladies in their 40's. He'd remind them that he's their son's age, and that's not attractive for them. 
For the record, Golden Boy (who appeared in Critiquing Applicants Part 2) applied at our agency, and we decided to give him a shot. He was horrible at returning messages and phone calls. He flaked out for training at a bachelorette party at the last minute -- after we arranged a dancer to train him -- then he called and asked us about rescheduling for the next weekend. Very unprofessional! That kinda behavior this early on is a sure sign of worse things to come from him. Next!

So there you have it. Around 25 to 35 is probably the prime age for stripping. You might have a shot at 21 if you meet all the requirements, but don't count on reaping in all the work from the start. And for you guys that are 18 and 19, you can always work as a go-go dancer for the alternative scene. Some of those establishments don't mind younger applicants.


  1. Didn't you start at 21?

    I would have expected strippers tobe closer to college age. If 25 is the prime age then I suppose most stripper careers last about3 years then

    1. Yep! I started at 21. That was at a company called French Addiction who hired mostly college students, so I kind of lucked out. If it were some other company, I don't think I would've made the cut. Luckily, I gained enough experience under French Addiction to move on.

      I'm not sure about the length of stripping careers. Each guy is different, though I can imagine some guys quitting after a short stint. I'll try asking agents about that since you got me wondering now.