Tuesday, May 3, 2016

A Thief at the Party

Women rarely steal from their stripper -- at least from my experience. Sure a few girls tried to swipe my handcuffs as a souvenir, but never anything beyond that.

Two weeks ago, a girl at one of my bachelorette parties attempted to swipe all of my tip money. This party was rather large for a private one, numbering at approximately 27 girls. 

The bride's mother hired me, paid me the deposit up front, and even supplied the additional tip money. She cashed out four stacks of ones. The girls distributed this to me in a chaotic manner, often "making it rain" on me, so I could do little to keep track of it all. After my show, a kind family member, the bride's aunt, gathered all of my tip money and placed it in a pile next to my clothes. It was a substantial amount.

Before I donned on my clothes and collected my tip money, I posed with the bride for a few one-on-one photos. After taking a few pictures and hugging her one final time, I went to where my clothes and money pile was... The clothes laid there in a heap, but the money was gone.

I asked the bride's aunt if she moved the tip money. She looked appalled. "I thought I had put it all right here! Who took it?" She inquired around on my behalf. A few other girls joined her. 

I waited patiently for a few minutes, and finally a young short girl with chestnut hair dropped a wad of bills in front of me. It looked noticeably smaller than the pile the bride's aunt had gathered earlier. I stared at her, but she avoided my gaze and sauntered off quickly. My gut feeling told me that she was the thief, but I gave her the benefit of the doubt. I had my suspicions at this point, but that was it.

The next day I counted the tip money, and it was only 38 dollars. Judging from the stacks of ones that the bride's mom pulled out for me initially, I knew this was not the correct amount. So I called her and explained everything. Usually I wouldn't make a big deal, but if there was a girl taking the tip money, that means that she was not only stealing from me, but she also stole from the bride's mom, because it was her money in the first place.

The bride's mother listened to everything and said, "Well, in addition to the you should have about 62 dollars in tips, because you left 38 of it behind with me."

"I only have 38 dollars in ones, so there's some that's unaccounted for." I proceeded to tell her about how the money disappeared for a few minutes and about the girl who brought it back in a smaller amount.

"Do you know who it was?"

I described the girl in question, but since there were 27 people in total, my description didn't narrow anyone down for her. 

"Personally, it's not a large amount for me to fuss over," I said, "but I just wanted to give you and your daughter a heads up that one of her friends may have ill intentions. I just hope I'm wrong and I apologize for the inconvenience."

"No. Thanks for letting me know." 

I have done hundreds of parties, and this hasn't been a problem in the past. Usually if there's money left behind, it's my fault because I didn't gather all the bills up thoroughly and left the occasional stray ones that somehow fell to the floor and went under tables and couches. 

This is the first time I had someone try to steal money from me. Hence I prefer smaller parties -- easier to manage the crowd while keeping track of my belongings.



  1. The whore thief who stole the money should be killed a la Ted Bundy style....

    1. Well, I wouldn't go that far over a wad of ones. She didn't quite pull the heist on a scale of Martha Stewart now.