Monday, September 26, 2016

The Stripper with the Tank Top Tan Line

During a bachelorette party last Saturday, one of the girls shared with me her one and only bad experience with a male stripper. For the sake of the story, we call the girl Amber.

The bachelorette party took place in North Carolina. Amber's aunt booked a male stripper through some random company. Amber and her friends did not know the details, even though I was curious as to which company it was.

The male stripper showed up, and the girls disliked him immediately. According to Amber and her friends, the guy wasn't very muscular or good looking. He lacked charisma and class. To top it all off, he had a horrible tank top tan line.

"Basically, once he took off his shirt, it looked like he was still wearing a white tank top," Amber said. "It was really unattractive."

Then the guy tried to do several acrobatic moves on the living room couch, which resulted in him falling off the couch and crashing onto the floor three separate times. The girls became terrified of being near him because they didn't want to risk injury from his horrible dance moves.

Eventually the girls had enough and told him that the strip show was over. This infuriated the male stripper.

"He complained that we didn't tip him enough," Amber said. "We asked him to leave, but he said he wasn't leaving until we gave him more money, so he went outside and sat on the front porch for an hour! He only left when my aunt came outside and threatened to call the police on him."

I wonder what kind of company would hire a guy like that. 

Moral of the story: Tips are a much-earned privilege; not an entitlement. Demanding tips from customers lacks class, so don't do it. Also, staying at a party once the girls ask you to leave is called "trespassing." Don't do that, either.

As for Amber, she was really sweet and quite flirty with me. So that guy must have really screwed up to get asked to leave early, because Amber and her friends were an easy and fun party as far a typical stripping gig goes.

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  1. It should be noted that there are guys who do everything right, look presentable and conduct themselves professionally and still get asked to leave. Though not common, it does happen. You got to have thick skin to work in this profession as some women can be ruthless cunts.
    Willing to bet if these women were attracted to this guy, they wouldn't have asked him to leave tan lines or otherwise....