Sunday, October 1, 2017

2017 Recap

The end of the male stripping season is drawing near. October is the last month of the year to offer any substantial stripping work, although there are the occasional odd parties in November and December. Overall, I had a decent year, though my main booking companies have changed.

Fun party from this summer
During my last post, I lamented about a certain company that offers poor service to the customers and shitty pay to the dancers. Well, they don't offer me as much work any more. Occasionally, they'll text me for a show, but I usually turn them down. I suspect there are three possible reasons for the lack of shows from them: 1) They hired a few other guys who'll work for table scraps; 2) They're moving me to the bottom of the list because I turn them down often; 3) Their price tag of $350 is driving the customers to seek other, more affordable competitors (I find this to be the most likely reason). 

Now my bookings have been coming from two smaller companies. They don't quite get the large volume of customers, but they both pay me better and treat the customers right. Therefore, I'm still making about the same amount of money.

As we approach 2018, I'll be entering my 15th year of service in the stripping industry. As long as I pace myself, I think I can squeeze out a couple of more years. The job is still fun as ever, but it takes a toll on the body. I take it easy now and have eased up on the wilder encounters for the moment. Plus, the two companies I mentioned are having me train the rookies.

For you younger guys with a good work ethic, now is a good time to get into the industry. Many companies are having trouble recruiting due to the lack of qualified millenial applicants; most are failing to show up for the initial training, or they're just not cut out for the job. If you have what it takes, competition is not as fierce as it once was.


  1. 15 years ! Wow Dion, impressive. How long would you say that the average male stripper works ?

    I bet you have enough anecdotes from the parties you have performed at to write 2 or 3 books.

    1. That's difficult to answer. Perhaps as long as it takes most guys to find a girlfriend that makes them quit the job? haha. Really, many either quit like that, or get fired.

      Then there are the few who stick around for several years.

      And you're write about the stories. I probably have enough for 2 or 3 books. Perhaps we'll get to them someday.