Thursday, January 25, 2018

"American Stripper" & "Behind the G-String"

Within this year, I intend to remove my two books from distribution. So if you haven't read them and plan to do so, you might want to get them soon.

You can order them here:

"American Stripper" (memoir):

"Behind the G-String" (how-to become a male stripper):

I have several reasons for removing them. The first and foremost is because of the sex content. While some of my readers love my sexual encounters, I find that it detracts from narrative.

My second reason is that I will replace the memoir with a new one. The current memoir covers my first two years of stripping. I've been stripping 15 years, so it makes more sense to actually cover 15 years instead. It will focus less on the porn stories and more on the details of working as a male stripper. That way the reader will learn more about the actual stripping job than reading about my escapades. I know some of you like hearing about my romps with hot girls, but you can simply find videos all over the internet for that!

As for "Behind the G-String," I will update it and give it a facelift. I put that book out in a hurry and left out some important things. It will have another section dedicated to strippers beyond the United States, and even some new interviews. Some of those agencies listed on the book are non-existent now. Once again, I'll remove the stories of my sexcapades.

That comes to my last point: For those who like the stories of my "sexual conquests," I might release a collection in an entirely different e-book. I have been surprised and flattered through the years about the demand for them (especially from female readers!).

Thank you for reading, and I'll keep you informed through updates.



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  1. Hey Dion,

    Just discovered your blog and it's fun to read to about your gigs and learn some life lessons too. I hope there are more tales to come and that you continue blogging regardless of whether you're still stripping or not.

    Best wishes from an Asian dude in SoCal.