Friday, April 3, 2009

Male Strippers Questions - Part 4

Q: So have you done any parties like all hispanics, all blacks, or all Asians... If so are they any different? by John Webb

A: Yes. I've done all of the above. Are they different? Not really---it depends on the girl more than the crowd. Some girls are shy, some aren't. I do know that a party of all black girls usually requests a black guy to strip for them. A party with all latinas often requests a latino guy. I've only done one all Asian girl party and they didn't make any special requests. This isn't always the case, but was most often the case from my experience.

So how do I do these parties if I'm not black or hispanic? Well if a black male stripper is unavailable then the girls will just pick someone else off the list---which was sometimes me. One time a black man hired me for his wife and her girlfriends. Another time, one woman just picked me out of the lineup because I was her personal favorite. As for the latina parties, my agencies would lie and tell the clients that I was latino. The only thing that truly matters is if the girls have a good time. They usually don't care what you are as long as they like you.

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  1. It's because Asian men are shorter, skinnier, and have small thingies. Whereas Latino and Black men are taller, muscular, and more likely to have larger thingies. Yes, Latinos are taller than Asians.