Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Male Stripper Questions - Part 5

Q: So what do you do for fun? Do you throw wild parties or do you just chill?
by Pboi

A: I'm not Hugh Hefner. My normal life is...well, pretty normal. I read a lot, play video games, do a lot of outdoor activities. I also write. I did have some crazy times in college, but I'm a very laid-back guy. When I was in college stripping, I would often go home and play Everquest to wind down.

Q: How did you get into the profession?

A: It started when I was in college. A female classmate and I were killing time between classes (we had a few classes together). We went to a lingerie store that also booked male and female strippers. This store had a "Now Hiring Strippers" sign on the front door. All the store asked for was some photos for them to show to prospective clients. My classmate encouraged me to apply and said that she'd take photos of me.

I provided the photos and the owner of the store said I had to tag along with one of the veteran male strippers, and going by his word, the owner would then determine if she would hire me or not. The veteran male dancer I had to go with was a guy named Kevin from Jamaica. Another guy who applied as a male stripper came along too. Our objective was to be able to dance for the girls without getting cold feet. Kevin started dancing for the women and I soon followed. The other guy froze in place and couldn't do it. So I was the one who got hired.

After doing many shows, I perfected my routine, amassed a collection of costumes, and branched out to other agencies. I got an agent and even freelanced on my own. All in all, I earned quite a bit of money for a college student.

Q: What are the prerequisites for being a stripper? Do you need like a 10in cock? (no homo)
by mfl1992

A: A good body and an appealing face. You should at least have some abs and muscle mass. You don't need a huge cock but it'd probably help. I had one agency ask how big my cock was. You're not required to be nude although some girls request it---it's your choice whether you want to take it all off or not.

It's not required but having costumes will exponentially help you get work. Quite a number of parties request a stripper with a police uniform. Just about every agency will ask you if you own any costumes. You'll also need your own cell phone and vehicle. Having access to Google-Map, Mapquest, or your own GPS is a must.

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