Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Male Stripper Questions - Part 11

Here's an e-mail from Lydia:

From: "Lydia Chandler"
To: "Dion"

Hello, sorry to bother you. I love your blog btw! Im curious bout a few things and have several questions so I hope you don't mind!
How often do you work out?
What kind of food do you eat to stay in shape?
Do you do manscaping? lol.
How else do you take care of yourself?

Thanks again and keep on writing. You have some interesting stories!



Hi Lydia, Here are my answers:

1.) I work out about 2 to 4 times a week. I would like to train more, but I need 8 days a week for that.

2.) As for foods, I eat a lot of fruit. Fruit doesn't have so many calories and it makes you smell better.

I avoid junk food: pizza, candy, sweets, chips, etc. I also avoid eating anything with onions or garlic in it. The smell of onions and garlic will stay in your pores for days, causing you to stink.

3.) Yeah, of course. I don't shave everything off though. I also don't showcase a forest either. I also shave my legs too---the lack of hair shows off muscle tone better.

4.) I try to avoid drinking as much as possible. Sure I'll take body shots at parties, but the amount that you drink from a body shot is minuscule to even cause a buzz. Usually most of the alcohol from a body shot ends up on the floor. Otherwise, I rarely drink even when going out.

I also don't do drugs. I'm sure some male dancers do, but I don't. And the drugs I'm referring to are pot, steroids, etc.

Thanks for reading. I hope that covers your questions.


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