Thursday, March 25, 2010

Male Stripper Questions - Part 10

Question I: Do the strippers often have to go straight on to another performance, if so does that ever feel frustrating, to leave a group of women some of whom are are very excited and would be willing to take it further? - Paul

Answer: Only if we have more than one performance booked. I don't live near a major city, so I rarely have more than one performance a night.

I have done three shows in one night, and that was stressful. I don't get frustrated if a girl wants to take things further and I have to leave. Sex is great, but I'm not going to indulge in every opportunity.

Question II: Can it ever be a lonely job since there’s lots of travelling around?

Answer: I sometimes drive long distances, but I don't get lonely. Besides, how are you going to get lonely when you arrive at a party full of women?

However, the is a "coming down" effect after a great party. For instance, I put on a tremendous show: the girls love me, the tips flow in, everyone has a great time. Then I come home and everything is calm and quiet. I call this "coming down" from the high of a party. I thrive off of the natural high I get from my performances.

Question III: Did you get nervous before appearing?

Answer: I did when I first started. I would get the "butterflies," a feeling in my mid-section that spreads throughout the body and causes a feeling of numbness. After doing a dozen or so shows, the butterflies stopped.

I'll get a little excited now. I've done this so many times that I even yawn before performing, especially if I had a long and tiring drive.

One thing I'll say: If you can do this job, then you can do anything that involves public speaking. Unfortunately, I can't write that on my resume.

Question IV: Is it more about the performance itself than about nudity?

Answer: It's all about performance. Nudity is just an optional part of the performance.

There are a few more questions, but I'll answer them in the next update.

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