Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Long E-mail About a Male Stripper

Hey Dion, I just checked out your blog and its really cool. Just thought that i should let you know. I dont have any questions about your profession yet, but i kinda have a bit of a personal situation going on here and you are the perfect guy to ask for an advice,because you are a male stripper and you know how things work!:))) Hopefully you dont mind my question and I hear back from you:))
First of all my name is Mindy and I am 23 years old. I dont know where in the usa you are at,but I am from Buffalo ,but just moved with my sister to Bensenville, Illinois about 6 months ago.

Alright..long story short..a few months ago I went to a male strip club(it was my sister's birthday) and one of the dancers was really nice to me,he was talking to me so many times that night. I did have a couple of private dances with him and he kissed me on the lips and I mean a french kiss and he said that i turn him on every time.Anyways as i was leaving he told me that i know where to find him and i should go again. 2 months later I went there again and he remembered me. Again he was talking to me a lot, he said that im so cute.Later on that night he came and he grabed my hand and took me to their private room again for a dance and he kissed me again. When the dance was done he just said that i look so good. When i was leaving i went to him to say bye and he told me to ask about him at the door next time Im there and he'll get me in for free.

Anyways he never asked me for my number or anything like that, but he acts like he likes me. I was there twice and each time I got a lot of attention from him and we kissed - twice, and always says how cute I am. I even said to him that he just says that I am cute and I look good,because its his job and he needs to be flirty,but he said that thats not true and he doesnt need to say shi* if he doesnt want to.
I have a promise ring on my ring finger, that looks like an engagement ring, and I dont know if he has seen it and thats the reason why he is not trying to ask me out, or if its just because he is that good of a player and knows how to get me back there:)
By the way me and my boyfriend are taking a break right now and I dont even know why I still wear the ring.

Im so sorry for the long email. Please, let me know what do you think.Im so confused.I feel silly for emailing you,but no one else is going to give me an honest advice. My sister is all so convinced that he likes me and I do think that too,but at the same time I think he is justg having fun and playing around. I know that you know exactly how he thinks and how things work.Should I go there again? and if I go should I be more aggressive with him..I just dont want to ask him out as it looks so desperate:))

Okay, you asked for advice and I'm brutally honest about giving it, so here goes:

I know you like this guy, but he's probably not the type you would want to pursue.

Of course, he's taken an interest in you, but only the same kind of interest that he takes in the other girls he allows in for free. I guarantee that he has at least several lined up. I worked at one club and I used to do the same thing: Get a girl in for free because I wanted to fuck her---the potential list was long.

I'm also willing to bet that he's charming and gregarious too. As far as pursuing something with him, only do so if you don't mind sharing him with a dozen other girls. He *will* cheat on you.

As far as a sexual fling goes, I highly discourage it as well based off the exposure that some of these guys get. For instance, if I really tried to get laid with every opportunity that came my way, then I would've slept with at least 200 girls by now.

About the ring, here are two possibilities: 1.) He has noticed it and doesn't care, because he only wants to screw regardless if you're taken or not; 2.) he hasn't noticed, because he simply doesn't care enough to see if you're single or not. The ring is one of the first things I notice if I have taken an interest in someone.

Another red flag is the fact that he only comments on your looks, because that's all he's after. If he really liked you, then he would pay some heed to your personality. From what you have told me, he hasn't.

I've probably shot myself in the leg by giving this advice, but it's reality. So with that said, would you like to hire me for a party? I'll give you a good discount.


  1. Always love reading your Blog, Dion. You gave her the truth. Hope she can handle it.

  2. Great reply, man. You kept it real and said what needed to be said. -- paul

  3. Thanks! Let's hope that she took heed of the advice.