Monday, November 1, 2010


This was a birthday party that took place in a hotel room. As you can see from the picture above, I was wearing a cowboy outfit.

Several girls were wearing one-piece dresses or skirts. One of my favorite things to do is placing a girl on a chair and lifting her skirt up, exposing her underwear. I did this to the blonde in the black dress between the two beds. I rubbed my bulge against her pussy, with only the fabric of our underwear acting as the only barrier between us. The blonde was wearing black, knee-high boots, which I grasped by the ankles while I pressed against her.

This technique resembles foreplay since it usually turns most women on. Their breathing becomes heavy and they buck their hicks in response to my movements. When this happens, I can usually take matters into a much more decadent atmosphere. However, this only happens at the wildier parties.

As for this particular party, the women invited me out, but I had another party to strip for afterward. It's a shame when your own parties get in the way of more fun...

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