Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Vacbed

Last week, I bought a vacbed (short for vacuum bed). Basically a vacbed is a bondage device that encases a person in latex. Here is a picture below:

First, a person crawls inside a latex envelope, which is framed by PVC pipes with holes in them. A vacuum cleaner hose attached to an open PVC pipe in the corner of the frame, and the vacuum cleaner sucks all of the air out of the latex envelope, in turn, forming a skin-tight, cocoon-like appearance with the person inside. In order to breathe, there is a hole that allows a breathing tube to be placed.

Ever since I knew about vacbeds, I have always wanted to try one. But vacbeds are expensive, ranging from $400 to $700. Moreover, try finding a partner willing to participate in this---it's not an easy task. Most women I dated scoffed at less extreme fetishes than this. Luckily, Claire loves me dominating her in every way possible, so she was just as eager to try this out. That's why I dropped a chunk of change for one at Fetish Factory.

The vacbed I bought has two holes: One for breathing and the other for the crotch area, allowing penetration. Claire climbed into the vacbed first. I cut a water bottle in half so she could use that as the breathing tube. Here are two pics below:

The vacuum cleaner sucked the air out in seconds. After about a minute, Claire's body had a skin-tight seal of latex. Before continuing, I asked if she was okay---I had to yell over the vacuum. She mumbled that she was through the makeshift breathing apparatus (a.k.a. water bottle). Unfortunately, her torso was too short for the crotch hole, preventing me from fucking her effectively, so I covered it with the latex flap inside, which made the vacbed more air-tight:

As you can see in the picture above, covering the crotch hole made the vacbed completely air-tight, creating a nice camel-toe imprint. I rubbed her camel toe for a bit, causing her to moan. By now, I wanted a turn.

I switched off the vacuum cleaner and unzipped the side of the vacuum bed. Claire slowly crawled out, saying that she wanted me to fuck her in it. I told her to wait until next time. I crawled inside, placed the lip of the water bottle inside my mouth, and my cock through the fuckhole. Claire switched the vacuum cleaner on.

The next thing that happened was probably one of the most unique sensations that I had ever experienced in life.

First, the latex clung to me, pushing in and encasing me. I felt like I was trapped inside a deflating balloon. The latex pushed against my ears, building up pressure like I was deep underwater. It engulfed my arms and legs and I couldn't move an inch. I had the sensation that I was floating in total darkness, completely bound.

The only contact I had outside of the vacbed was through my cock. Claire was sucking on it for awhile. I felt it enter her vagina as she rode me. I could barely hear her due to the droning of the vacuum cleaner. The latex was so tight that I hardly noticed her body weight on me. The only thing I could feel was the latex caving in on me and her pussy on my cock.

After a few minutes, the orgasm pressure was building up. Claire continued her pace, and I couldn't even move an inch inside the vacbed. As I started cumming, Claire's pussy moved up and down on me. My dick was sensitive with the post-ejaculation effect, but I couldn't do a damn thing about it. Usually, I would have stopped any further motion, but I couldn't communicate with Claire. For some reason, I loved every second of it.

Finally, Claire got off of me and turned off the vacuum cleaner. She unzipped the side of the vacbed and I crawled out.

"Damn, that was fucking awesome," Claire said. Then she stared wide-eyed at my neck and shoulders. "What the hell is that?"

Seeing the alarm on her face, I went to look in the mirror. Red lines and patches marred the skin of my neck and shoulders. They were suction marks that resembled hickies. Just like hickies, they didn't hurt, but their appearance wasn't very appealing. Here is a pic:

Since this incident, everyone has been asking me what happened to my neck (I took care to hide my arms and shoulders with a t-shirt). Explaining that a vacbed caused this would draw some interesting responses. So for a whole week, I've been saying that the calf-raise machine at the gym was the culprit. I think that wearing a latex shirt like in the bondage videos would prevent the suction marks.

Overall, the vacbed was well worth the money. The experience was tantamount to paying for a thrilling attraction at a theme park. For those who are into bondage, ditch the damn handcuffs and buy one of these things. You won't regret it.

I'll write more about the vacbed as I continue to experiment with it.


  1. You could feed a tube into the breathing hole so Carlie can move down tward the crotch hole better. That way she can let you fuck her like she wanted.