Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Male Stripping Requirements - Part 3

Here's a batch of more e-mails from guys who want to become male strippers. For those of you readers who actually are male strippers, feel free to answer and add your own comments at the bottom. Some of you can probably give better answers than I can.

Question 1: Is there a specific height limit that agency's prefer? Thanks man

- Isaiah

Answer: The taller the better. A majority of the agents I had preferred a guy who was at least 6'0. There are exceptions. I'm just under 6'0 and I had no problems getting hired.

Question 2: Hi my name is Kevin and I'm actually quite interested in becoming a male stripper in a couple years or so. I wanted to know where male strippers learn how to dance. Is it just natural?

- Kevin

Answer: Some people have innate talent for things such as singing or dancing. Others have to train for it to reach even just a level of mediocrity. If you're one who sucks at dancing, I suggest you take lessons and learn about rhythm and timing.
Question 3: What's up man. Hey I've been Wanting to become a stripper and I have questions on it. first, do male strippers get laid often, just looking on an average scale.
how would you prevent yourself from getting herpes from kissing or a blowjob
Besides abstinence.

- David

Answer: I can't talk for all male strippers, but I get laid often enough.

In order to prevent getting herpes from kissing and blowjobs, just don't get kissed or receive a blowjob from someone with herpes. How you go about finding out whether someone has herpes is all up to you. I suggest avoiding contact with regions of outbreaks.

Question 4: What are the face requirements? I've got a good body but I don't know about my face. Do u have to have a "model" face to be a male stripper?

- Nour Hassan

Answer: Having a good face helps. I'm not going to get all into the aesthetics of what kind of face makes you a successful male stripper, but chances are, if the majority of girls find you good looking, then you probably have the face for the job.

Question 5: I need help sir i dont know if you are still stripping but i need advice im young and im 20 years old

- Keith Beal

Answer: I'm not sure what kind of advice you need, but I'll provide you with some: Use a period to end a sentence. You're 20 fucking years old and still writing run-on sentences. You should know better.

Question 6: My girlfriend is a stripper, and recently I've been thinking about becoming one myself. Honestly, how hard can it be?

- Bryan

Answer: Becoming a male stripper must be somewhat difficult if you haven't become one yet. I mean, if it's so easy then go do it.

Question 7: Hey mate,
Appreciate your time & the blog.
I'm 17 & really keen on getting into the male stripping industry as soon as I hit 18.
However, I'm a bit concerned after looking at many stripping sites that the majority of males are light skinned.
I'm of Sri Lankan/Irish heritage, but I'm quite fair. Do stripping employers prefer Caucasian appearance?
Also, do I need a full driver's licence?
What are the hours like?

Thanks a lot,

Answer: Um, did you read through my blog? I'm half-Asian and half white, and apparently every agency I applied at picked me up. If you're going worry about ethnicity, then you're looking at the wrong job.

If you're really 17, then you need to look into a trade or a worthwhile career rather than focus on male stripping. Male stripping is a side job for extra money.

Besides, very few agencies will consider you even when you turn 18. Most guys at 18 still have a boyish appearance that reflects a lack of experience. If you don't believe me, then go find a 45 year old lady who has worked a professional career her entire adult life and see if you can hold a conversation with her about finances, careers, politics, and best of all---life experiences. On top of that, see if she finds you attractive and worth dating after talking to you for half an hour.

When you work as a male stripper, you meet women of all ages from all walks of life and it's part of the job to converse and build a rapport with them. If you lack life experience, which at 17 or 18 you do, then you're going to struggle relating with these women when the highlights of your life was during high school.

Some of these women also have children who around in high school or college, or even older. How do you think they will feel having a male stripper that's 18 in the room? Most women aren't like most men---they don't like 'em younger.

I'm not trying to bash you. These examples are just the reality one faces in this industry.

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  1. Actually, i have to say, some people have a lot of life experiences at 17 and 18. I know i did. But not everyone gets a chance to experience things before truly coming of age.
    I've been in the radio industry and I'm female. I get looked down on because I'm blonde, have a huge rack, and I look young even though I'm 30 (i look like I'm still in high school.)
    So no matter your age or experiences, you will run up against a lot of opposition in the media driven environment. Its all about first impressions. They run on assumptions, sadly.