Sunday, September 9, 2012

More Hate Mail

Little did I know that when starting a blog about male stripping, I would receive a lot of advice from self-proclaimed mental health experts. I feel so appreciative that these people would take time to provide me with their psychoanalytical observations.

1.) From: Cindy (last name and e-mail omitted)

Subject: Your Blog


Dear Dion:

A friend of mine referred me to your blog and I read it thinking it would be a good read. It was quite the contrary. I was treated to narcissistic ramblings of a douchebag. Your writing is unintelligent and uninspiring. You treat having sex with women like its a conquest but you are nothing more than a male whore. At the rate you are going you will grow old and ugly and alone. Your blog is nothing more than your own personal fan fiction to praise yourself.

You need some serious help.

My Response: Hi Cindy. Thank you for taking your time to read through my blog and, better yet, give me your professional opinion. I was completely unaware that I needed help.

I'm still working on the growing old, ugly, and alone part, but I'll get there someday. In the meantime, I'm just going to keep enjoying myself.


2. From: Andrew (last name and e-mail omitted)

Subject: Nice Blog


Hey Dion, just curious. Have you ever been molested as a little kid? Is that why your such a prick? Must make you feel like a man to mess with another man's woman and write about it eh. Mommy must not have loved you enough as a kid.

My Response: Oh no... My horrible secret revealed!


3. From: Anonymous (From the comments section here)


...if your gonna sleep with a married/engaged/attached women then you should expect to either get your ass kicked or the boyfriend to say some shit. I know people are responsible for their own actions but at the same time, your just as, if not, more responsible since your able to stop it in the first place, but thats just my opinion on the matter.

My Response: So if a married/engaged/attached woman tries to sleep with me, how exactly do I bear more responsibility than her for her infidelity? I can understand the half and half thing even though I'm not the one in the relationship, but more!?


(The below e-mail has a different tone than the ones above, but I thought to include it here because it contains a trace of envy.)

4.) From: Christopher (last name and e-mail omitted)



Cool blog dude. Your job sounds awesome and I want to become a male stripper too. No offense but i saw your pics and I am WAY better built than you. im 6'3 and 230 lbs 8% body fat. My biceps are 17 inch and I have a six pack and my cock is almost 10 inches. Girls tell me I am good lookin all teh time. I think have the confidence, personality, and looks for the job. Do you have a agent you can recommend? i live near toronto.

My response: Let me get this straight, Christopher... You're telling me that how much better you are than me while at the same time asking for a favor? Yeah, you should definitely get into stripping with that mindset. I'm sure the ladies will love to hear you gloat about how awesome you are. Don't mind them when they roll their eyes at you in disgust; they're just jealous their husbands/boyfriends pale in comparison to you.

In fact, I don't need to recommend an agent to you. You have the confidence, personality and looks, so good agents should be hunting you down and knocking at your door to hire you. Let me know how the job situation goes.


  1. Oh man...the last one reminds me of those desparate idiots who think their looks are all they need in life...*rolls eyes*

    I have admit, the hatemail is amusing. Though seriously, it really is none of their business what you do, nor their place in life to tell you what your doing is wrong. I hate when people give "advice" when it really is derision.

    As a writer, i've had a few "helpful" went so far as to just come out and say "you should never write again". That comment was on a piece of roleplaying i copied...that was what made me laugh. It was two different people.*facepalm* At least no one has tried to tell me off on my blog yet. I love your hatemail blogs!

    1. Thanks, Kiri! Hate mail is entertaining. I smile almost every time I read one. I just can't imagine someone getting so worked up over what a stranger does over the internet to set aside free time to scratch out an angry message. When I find something on the internet that I dislike reading, I close out the site or leave the page.

      That last e-mail was a classic. I wonder if he ever got a job with that attitude...

  2. No girl likes pale guys nor dark guys. They like medium guys better. It's always emphasized in the media.