Monday, September 24, 2012

Party Log: September 22, 2012

Location:  Beach Condo on Florida's Panhandle
10 Girls
Bachelorette Party
Requested Costume: Police

The party was originally scheduled for Friday, but the girls shifted it to Saturday due to two of them unable to come down to Florida in time. Lucky for them, I was able to accommodate this change, otherwise they would have been without a stripper. Unfortunately, my performance fell in the range of sub-par. I just wasn't feeling the vibe with this party and perhaps that was due partly to my lack of motivation. I'm going through another phase where I feel burned out on stripping. Overall, I still had some fun since the girls treated me well. Here were the highlights of the party:

- The bachelorette asked me if I had seen the movie, Magic Mike, or read Fifty Shades of Gray. I told her that I had not for either. I have failed to mention this in previously, but many girls at my shows have been asking me these questions recently.

- The bachelorette requested that I make out with one of her friends named Lauren. Lauren was a tall, young blonde girl who reminded me of one of those stuck-up girls in high school due to her bossy attitude and spoiled nature. She had a beautiful face when she wasn't making demands or scowling. The bachelorette told me that Lauren hadn't been laid or had a boyfriend in a long time, and I could easily see why. Nevertheless, I complied with bachelorette's wish and made out with Lauren, who initially objected, but soon acquiesced and even extended the kiss.

- The bachelorette began to feel sick after awhile. The other girls forced alcoholic drinks on her all day, and the over-imbibing was finally catching up. She disappeared into the bathroom in the midst of my performance and that was the last of I had seen of her.

- On my way out, Lauren offered to help me carry my belongings. When she spoke to me, her voice was in a higher pitch than usual. I politely declined, but she walked me to the door and hugged me anyway.


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  1. Lauren will probably wind up an old lady living with a dozen cats when she is 60 or 70 years old... maybe sooner.

    Anyone can now get a Free Website Set Up for business or personal use.

    The bachelorette was nice to think of her friend´s "needs" though, LoL