Monday, February 4, 2013

Party Log: 02-02-2013

On 02-02-2013, I had to strip for a 49th birthday party located in rural northwest Florida. The husband hired me to strip for his wife, and the crowd had both men and women, filling me with both premonition and caution. From my experience, when men are present at a party, bad things usually happen. However, the husband assured me that everyone was looking for a good time, especially the women.

"Their soiling their panties waiting for ya, Chief," he said.

The destination of the party was in the middle of the country where farm fields and forests dominated the landscape. Every mile or so, a lonesome house would dot the landscape. I actually got lost on the way to their house and had to have the husband meet me at a local convenience store to guide me there.

Once at the house, I was to knock on the door, and pull the whole 'cop routine.' The husband would have his wife answer, then I would strip for her. I knocked and illuminated myself with a mag-light that police officers used. The wife saw me from inside, opened the door. I introduced myself as a police officer and told her that I was responding to call from a driver passing by that there was a prowler lurking about on the road in front of her house. She appeared startled at my news and invited me in.

I saw a crowd of older ladies and men standing around with grins and smirks. After a few camera flashes, the wife instantly knew that I was the stripper. I started to strip for her, aware that the men were also watching me. Most of the men stood taller than six feet, were older, had beards, and looked like the type of Southern men who didn't take shit from society. Half a dozen of deer with large antlers hung from the wall in the living room. I could envision myself joining those deer had I angered the wrong person at this party.

The husband propped himself down on a recliner with a bottle of beer and told his wife to "have at it." The women crowded around, eager to touch me and have their turn. Once I stripped for the wife, one woman came up, hugged and kissed me on the cheek. I stole a glance at the men to make sure no one was planning to attack me.

A tall man who reminded me of a mix between a rugged Confederate general and a fierce Viking warrior, came toward me dragging a woman in tow. He grinned and shoved her towards me, telling me to show his "wife a good time." He lifted a camera towards his face and began to take pictures. His wife grabbed my ass, traced her hands up and down my abs, then tipped a wad of cash into the front of my thong, caressing my cock after doing so. Her husband roared in laughter.

The husband who hired me tried to get every woman in the house to participate with me. He grabbed one girl, escorted her towards me, and slapped her on the ass while she was dancing with me. I saw another girl, who wasn't his wife, kiss him. At this point, I began to suspect that this party was full of swingers, so I began to relax. The husband even told his wife later that I was going to take her home and bring her back the next day.

For the finale, the husband took his wife's shirt off, exposing her black bra with purple laces, and stuffed her bra with cash. He unbuttoned her jeans and stuffed a twenty dollar bill in the front of her matching thong. The wife sat down on a bean bag, and I pulled out all of the money. Next, I made several mock sex positions with her while her friends and husband took pictures.

After I finished my performance, the husband and wife thanked me for showing everyone a great time, and they invited me to stay and drink. I stayed for a little while was showered with attention from the older ladies. The husband handed me a one-hundred dollar bill for an extra tip on top of the money already paid. "This was the first time my wife had a male stripper, and you made her birthday a good one," he said. He looked over at his wife and raised an eyebrow. "Now you know what to get me for my birthday, right, honey?"

"A male stripper," another female suggested, drawing laughter from everyone.

"No, goddammit! Get me a hot female stripper!" he said. "She owes me one now!"

I left the party feeling satisfied that everything turned out a lot better than expected. Several of the women promised to hire me for future birthday parties. Perhaps I will see this particular crowd again the future.

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