Saturday, April 5, 2014

Highlights of March, 2014 - Part 3

Friday, March 28, 2014

Bachelorette Party

Approximately a dozen girls

The customer hiring me requested a doctor costume because almost everyone there worked in the medical field. That’s the second request for a doctor costume. If this keeps up, I’ll need to make another investment. Instead, I wore a firefighter outfit. 

This party turned out very well. Nothing completely out of the ordinary happened. The bride was completely trashed and very flirty. She had her hands all over me. I included some pics. She’s the blonde:

Maid of Honor on Left; Bride on Right

The girl who paid me did not participate. Here was her reason: “If I let you get on me like you did to the other women here, then I’d get too horny, and that’s a bad idea since we’re goin’ out to the club after this.”

Maybe that wasn't such a bad idea. I jokingly suggested a private show for her, which she agreed that it would have been fun. 

At the end of the party, just before I left, the bride invited me out to the club. She could not even stand up. Her friends were trying to pull her off the floor. 

“I don’t think they’re gonna let her in like that,” I muttered to one of her friends. 

I did not go to the club with them because I had another job to go to. I hope the bride made it okay. 


  1. "Maid of Honor on Left; Bride on Right" Who's that in the middle? :)

    1. The cream filling between two vanilla wafers.