Monday, April 28, 2014

More April Entries

Saturday – April 5, 2014
50th Birthday Party
Santa Rosa Beach, FL

This was an exciting show for me. The birthday lady looked great for turning 50. She was tanned with hair the color of honey, and best of all, she really loved male strippers.

The whole party was a large family, consisting of 8 or 9 sisters and a niece, who was obviously the youngest. I couldn’t believe that such a large family could have only female siblings. Perhaps their father only produced sperm with X chromosomes, and he fired them at his wife over the years with ferocity. Anyway, the sisters celebrated an interesting tradition of getting a male stripper for every sister's 50th birthday in the family. They had done this several times already. For one of the sister’s birthday, they went to LaBare strip club in Houston, Texas. Another celebration took place in Las Vegas with the Chippendales. For this particular event, the birthday girl got me.

They birthday lady and a few sisters participated, touching me without shyness. The niece only watched and worked the music player, refusing to go near me despite the peer pressure from her aunts, but a few of the older ladies enjoyed me. Towards the end, we played a game where we blindfolded the birthday lady and had her take the money out of my thong with her teeth. She used her tongue as a guide, and instead of successfully finding any money, she deliberately lingered on the bulging area where my cock was. Her sisters giggled in the background.

These ladies sure knew how to make turning 50 fun. They could teach some sororities a thing or two about partying.


Friday – April 11, 2014
Bachelorette Party
Destin, FL

My agent mistakenly booked me for this show. I was supposed to leave out of Tampa on a cruise the next day and planned on driving, not doing a show in Destin. My agent had already booked it though. I did not want to take it, but these girls would suffer without a male stripper otherwise, and it’s hard for me to turn down work. I took the show. Unfortunately, with all the last minute packing and pre-show prepping I had to do, it was no surprise that I ran thirty minutes late.

The customer was a little upset, and I don’t blame her. A limo was picking the party up after my performance, so my tardiness affected everyone there. She relaxed when I arrived.

The bachelorette was absolutely thrilled at having a male stripper, and she went along with every single one of my activities including taking a body shot off my abs or getting teabagged from me doing pushups above her face.

About a dozen girls in their early 20s were in attendance, and they were all stunning. If someone told me that they were all participating in a beauty pageant, then I would have believed it. Not to mention, they were a fun and friendly crowd.

A few of the girls organized a choreographed dance routine of their own and wanted me to join in.  So the end of my performance resulted in me learning the choreography and dancing in sync with the group. It was a lot of fun on my end.

After I finished, the customer came up to me and wanted to know why I was late.

“I have no excuse,” I admitted. “I screwed up.”

“Fair enough” she said. "So how did you manage that?"

I told her the situation about the cruise and my agent booking me when I was supposed to be leaving town. “Basically, I was late because I was doing a lot of last minute packing,” I said.

The customer smiled and said, “That’s a good excuse in my book. Now I can’t be mad at you.”

The limo arrived as the girls and I were walking out. The driver, a male in his 20s, opened the door to let the girls in. Several girls gave me hugs in front of him. One shouted from inside the limo, “You’re the best stripper ever, Dion!”

The limo driver stopped what he was doing and stared at me, just noticing me for the first time. I couldn’t see his face too well because it was dark, but I’m sure he wanted to switch jobs with me.


Easter Weekend – April 19 & 20, 2014

I sent a text to my agent, letting him know that I was back in town and available for work this weekend. 

He wrote back, “The phones are dead. Everyone is with their families.”

I forgot it was Easter already...

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