Wednesday, June 18, 2014

More Concept Book Covers For Upcoming Book

The first draft of my guide book on male stripping is complete. After some edits, it will be published.

Here was the previous post with the first concept covers:

Concept Book Covers #1

So the new tentative titles:

 "Behind the G-string: Dion's Guide to Becoming a Male Stripper"
"Behind the G-string: Dion's Bare Bones Guide to Becoming a Male Stripper"

Any suggestions or comments would be welcome.

Cover #1
Cover #2
Cover #3


  1. First, I do like the logo in the second image, it's fun and eye catching,
    The subtitle section is a bit visually busy.

    As for the subtitle itself: I think that shorter is better. I would go with "Dion's Guide to Becoming a Male Stripper"

    The same goes for the collage image; it's just too distracting. A single cover image would be much better.

  2. I like the logo in the second image. I think it is both clear and fun.

    The subtitle section needs a bit of work though, That 's' shape is just to visually busy.

    As for the subtitle itself, I think that shorter is better so use" Dion's Guide to Becoming a Male Stripper"

    And speaking of visually busy, I think the collage is just too much. You are better off going with a single cover image,

  3. Number 3, definitely. Colorful and clearly formatted. One thing to think about though, when you're selling ebooks, you want a cover that looks good at thumbnail size. You might want to englarge the title of the 3rd one a bit. I wouldn't think you particularly need the word "bare bones" in there, either.

  4. Seems like you should clear it with people who's faces are visible

  5. Thanks for the comments everyone. I sent them all to the illustrator. Might tweak a few things, but I think we're going to narrow it down now.

  6. I like the colors of #1 but the title of #3. A "bare bones" guide to me means it is just the minimum, nothing more. Bare bones means cheap to me, not a reference to stripping. I like the way the images are arranged in the first cover. #3 looks like a textbook to me. I would look at other colors for the title text so that it shows up well when reduced to a thumbnail. #2 is good, too, but I would not use gray text because it will hard to see in a thumbnail. Overall, I pick graphics from #1 with title from #3.

    1. Removing "Bare Bones" out. The final product will be a combination of the best traits of #1 and #3.

  7. Thanks for the feedback everyone.

  8. I love them all. Very eye grabbing, I dont think you can wrong with any of them