Thursday, November 20, 2014

A Male Stripper's Take on Julien Blanc's Tactics

Julien Blanc. Age 26.

Unless you're a fugitive from justice living in the hills, you've probably heard of the international dating expert, Julien Blanc, by now. His seminar about approaching Japanese women (and women in general) has become quite the controversial fodder for the media to feed on lately. Some people consider his unorthodox methods bordering on the realm of sexual assault. Don't take my word for it; watch the video here:

There's a full, unedited version of the video here.

Given the nature of the internet, people online often cut snippets of what someone says or does and edits them to manipulate the message to further a specific agenda. Therefore, I gave Julien Blanc the benefit of the doubt and sought an unedited version of his seminar about Japanese girls to see if his critics were twisting his message. They weren't. Julien Blanc's methods are some of the most filthy ways to "pick up" women short of slipping pills into their drinks.

As a male stripper, I earn money based on my ability to appeal and entertain women on a universal level. After over ten years on the job, I feel that I'm somewhat versed in the subject and find that my best interactions with women result from a mutual respect, meaning we both like each other and try to make the other person happy. In fact, I can attribute the majority of my success of career and dating from amiable reciprocation.

So believe me when I say this, but the advice depicted in the above video doesn't work. Relying on treating another human being with outright disrespect solely for personal gain will make you a hated person really quick, which defeats the purpose of "seducing" women because the whole point is to make them like you.

Also, most of Blanc's tactics would possibly land you criminal charges if you were to try that in public. Grabbing a girl's head and forcing it towards your crotch against her will is called "lewd and lascivious" where I'm from. Others call it "assault" or even "battery." Granted, perhaps he was already hanging out with these girls and they were cool with it, but even if they were, he was trying to portray to the audience something like, "Hey, look at me! This bitch is on my dick. I'm cool now!"

Notice near the end of the video where he's grabbing women or trying to kiss the cashier at the store, the girls are trying to GET AWAY from him. He's telling guys that this shit is "super effective" with girls, but it's not. The Japanese girls in the video look fearful, as if unsure of how to react at the sudden assault. Some of the girls were laughing because they were extremely nervous. That cashier looked trapped, like she wanted to be somewhere else but there. This crap isn't picking girls up. It's sexual harassment, plain and simple. Again, maybe he needed some "shocking material" to catch viewers attention. In that case, he was successful...

You may ask, "But Dion, don't you put your crotch in girls' faces at your bachelorette parties?" Yes, but there's a huge difference. It's consensual. Not just verbally, but I watch the body language and the girl's reaction. If she doesn't want me on her, I move onto somebody else. I even tell a girl to let me know if she doesn't want to participate. Another thing is that these girls are paying for me to pull these stunts, which I only do on willing participants. Julien Blanc finds unwilling participants who don't even know him, and he downright molests them.

If you're one of those guys who actually thinks Blanc's methods work (you probably paid to attend his seminar too, right?), then do yourself a favor and look at the female comments on all of his dating advice videos on Youtube. None of them have anything good to say about the guy. If the general public has that opinion on such tactics, then common sense should dictate that it's time to try something else!

Now I've worked in Japan as an English teacher for almost two years and became almost fluent in Japanese. I would even boast that I understand Japanese culture a lot better than the average Westerner. I've dated and hooked up with a few Japanese girls while I was over there, and even had my own Japanese girl fan club where I worked (that's a story for another time). I managed to attract Japanese girls by acting like a gentleman and treating them well. I assure you that I did not grab a girl's head and guided to my dick, or try to forcefully kiss a random store clerk.

Julien Blanc aims at Japanese girls because they are less confrontational (on average) than their western counterparts, making them easier targets to prey upon. They're less likely to beat your ass and scream at you if you try to kiss them forcefully in public. His other videos claim that if a girl outright says, "no!" then to back away. Well, some of these girls freeze up and might not be able to say no. I can tell by the those Japanese girls' body language in that video that they're screaming, "NO!!"

The PUAs market their "dating expertise" as a one-size-fits-all glove. They'll tell you that your looks, body type, income, and social status don't matter because it's all about "the game" and your approach (I'll pull of a few examples later on this). They'll tell you that you can get a "perfect ten" by attitude alone. Why do they do this? Because it's the path of least resistance. It's easier to change the words you say to someone than to change your lifestyle, daily habits, and job. Do you think a pickup artist would get more sales if he claimed that you'd get more girls if you looked good, owned a house, and worked as a doctor? Hell no, because not everyone can look good, own a home, and be a doctor.

So for you guys out there looking to get women, stop idolizing and following garbage spouted by these self-proclaimed "dating experts" or PUAs in attempted to "seduce the hottest girls." Getting a girl is a very dynamic process that changes with each individual, and can't be summed up by some pre-planned approach. There is no pickup advice shaped like a one-size-fits-all glove. Each girl has her own taste for men, and finds different traits appealing.

Some people have argued with me on this and said, "But Dion, you have muscles and you strip and model... It's easy for you to get girls!" Well, I didn't always have muscles, and I couldn't keep a girlfriend in high school to save my life. My prom date ditched me at prom because she was embarrassed to be seen with me. Then I started working out, cleaned up my appearance, and dressed better. My chances improved. I graduated college and got a teaching job. My chances improved even more. I own my own house, got an even better job, and started hoarding savings for retirement. My chances are better than ever. And I'm constantly looking for ways to improve myself even now.

See the pattern? You build yourself, you'll build your attraction. You should always be a constant work in motion.

Julien Blanc doesn't teach this. Instead, he teaches men to take the wrong attitude with women, and look where that got him. Just Google his name. You'll see.


  1. "If you're one of those guys who actually thinks Blanc's methods work (you probably paid to attend his seminar too, right?), then do yourself a favor and look at the female comments on all of his dating advice videos on Youtube. None of them have anything good to say about the guy. If the general public has that opinion on such tactics, then common sense should dictate that it's time to try something else!"

    Oh, they don't like Julien Blanc? No shit. He made that video on purpose to make people hate him. He had been poking at the hornet's nest for awhile and when it didn't work, he stepped it up and swung a baseball bat (Japan video). He made a mistake, but that doesn't invalidate the value he's provided for tons of guys. His teachings do work. Anyone with half a brain can see this if you took the time to research and then go out and apply what you learned. I can tell you now, it's simple: approach girl, show interest, talk, have fun, get physical at some point, pull. That's it. I've had a lot of success from going out and applying what I learned from him. Unfortunately you think from that one bad video we just go out and sexually assault girls left and right. We don't. Julien did that for shock and attention only.

    "Why do they do this? Because it's the path of least resistance. It's easier to change the words you say to someone than to change your lifestyle, daily habits, and job"

    RSD actually advocates the path of MOST resistance. Lifestyle, job, fitness, habits are all part of this. It's supposed to be hard otherwise every guy would be doing it. Going from a shy introverted guy to an outgoing, fun, cool guy takes a lot of work and time. You would actually like RSD, as you advocate exactly what they advocate.

    Julien is clearly doing good to the people who have met him. Here's a couple videos to watch:

    1. And here's what the opposite team is arguing against your point:

      "1) Refuse to read, watch or listen to the multiple occasions in which RSD have promoted sexual violence, intimidation and misogyny. Not really much we can actually say to these people, other than to reassure them that their attempts to edit reality are very unconvincing.
      2) Create a video that edits together the best things a single person has said while deliberately obfuscating the far more salient negative points. Again, very far from convincing. The rather strikingly obvious problem with this tactic is that given enough footage, you could rather easily do the same for any literally any public figure from the past 100 years—including the most evil. Quite how they figured that this would be an effective method of debating is frankly completely beyond me."

      Not taking sides, but the Japan video is solid EVIDENCE against Blanc for the other side to plead their case, unless Blanc came out and stated that he paid these women money be in his videos, or if some of the girls in the video come up and defend him, that'd help him out a bit.

      Simple fact of the matter is that he screwed up big time. It's like Bill Clinton having an affair with Monica Lewinsky--he may have been the utmost faithful man until that point, but people won't remember how faithful he was; they'll remember his affair.

      Perhaps I coincidentally advocate some of what RSD says when it comes to building yourself, etc. I'm sure they have some good points. As a company who makes a lot of money, they should have avoided some of the more controversial topics, such as, "If you're a white male in Asia..." Whether it's true or not, it just sounds horrible to the general public.

      Another thing, most guys have never been on the receiving end of this like women have, so they don't see the big deal. I've had gay guys attempt to harass, stalk, and grope me in the same manner as guys do to girls in some situations, so I can understand why this is a hot issue with women watching that Japan video. In my case, if the guys got too aggressive, I can resort to physical violence to make them stop, and let me tell you, I'm glad that I'm the stronger one in these situations. Women are, in most cases, physically weaker and have to use other means.

      I had two girls in the room when they saw that Japan video and they cringed when they saw it at the end because at some point in their lives, some guy has tried that shit on them. I'll cover all this in another article.

  2. If only guys would use the time and resources that they use in the Pick Up Artist World to work on themselves they would have so much luck with women, It took me till I was 25 to figure out this simple secret. That women like interesting men, therefore I should make myself interesting. You can't fake being interesting, you either are or not, but you can transform yourself. The formula is simple, though it does require hard work. It works a lot better than accosting women

  3. Beware, Japanese guys beat up Western guys over their girls. Ever see The Fast & The Furious Tokyo Drift?