Sunday, March 15, 2015

Party Log: Spring 2015 - Part One

Spring is here. At least it is in the deep South where it's warm enough to walk outside in a swimsuit during the day. Along with the warm weather comes tourists and bachelorette parties in droves. Some of the locals at the beaches hate them, but they bring their money into the local economy and spend it on things like male strippers (me!).

Below is a quick summary of some of the recent parties:

February 28, 2015

Three girls--very close friends, obviously--hired me for one of the smallest bachelorette parties of my career. In my experience, smaller groups tend to participate more... intimately. It's because the girls are the best of friends and lack the numerous clicks involved in larger crowds.

These girls were such great friends that two of them swapped their husbands with each other. They were in their mid-twenties, attractive, and well-off. People become kinkier with age, so I wonder what kind of crazy shit they'll do in their forties.

The carefree nature of this group put me on fire. I went completely nude and masturbated in front of them. Before I arrived, they played a game where they tossed inflatable rings on an inflatable penis. We simply switched the inflatable penis out with the real thing.

I wish every party played out like this. This ended up being one of my better performances. Here's a pic from the party:

March 7, 2015

A bachelorette party in Destin.

The customer who paid me looked exceptionally gorgeous. Her blonde hair flowed down her back. Breast implants nearly burst from her black one-piece dress that hugged her petite hourglass figure. She wore black thigh-high boots that nearly covered too much of her tanned legs. She told me that her husband used to be a male stripper. I didn't get a chance to ask her much about it, though.

This group acted more conservatively due to several mothers being present, but a few caressed the front bulge of my thong for fun. In the end, they cheerfully went along with my performance and tipped around two-hundred dollars. One of the mothers offered to give me an extra hundred dollars, but she drunkenly passed out in a chair before making good on her word.

March 13, 2015

Birthday party in a residential home.

This party marked the first time I dressed in a Superman outfit. The customer had no particular reason for the request other than she thought "it'd be cool."

Out of sheer coincidence, I own a Superman costume made out of latex. I bought it to wear for cosplay conventions such as Dragon Con or Comic Con. Unfortunately, I never got a chance to do so because of my work schedule, and inability to book a hotel room a year in advance. As a result, the costume sat in my closet in a bag for several years. This party somewhat justified my expensive purchase. Now if several more parties request Superman, the costume will earn enough to cover its cost.

For those who are curious, that's a tube of Apple-tini sticking up from the top. The birthday girl sucked it out after this picture was taken.

After the party, I quickly changed underwear. Latex clings tightly to your body like a second skin, and it compresses things (such as your cock and balls) more effectively than spandex compression shorts. Customers also have difficulty pulling it out to slip money inside. Luckily, the yellow belt I wore held money rather well, so that circumvented the tipping problem. Nonetheless, I DO NOT recommend that male strippers wear latex underwear for strip shows.


  1. Did you wear the cape? And what did you do about the S on your chest? Definitely need more pictures.

    1. I'll try and get a pic of that costume organized. Unfortunately, a pic of the whole outfit wasn't taken. Only what you see now.

  2. Would love to hear more details about the 1st party (with the 3 best friends). Sounds like it was a lot of fun....

  3. ^^^^ I second that. You just yada yada yada over the good parts. :) ~ Warren

    1. Point taken! I'll flesh out the rest AND include a pic. How about that?