Friday, March 20, 2015

Party Log: Spring Break 2015 - Part Two

Continued from Part One

March 14, 2015

Bachelorette party in Orange Beach, Alabama. Six girls.

This party set the standard for a "usual work day" as a male stripper. I performed, the girls had a good time, and nothing too crazy happened. Everyone left happy.

However, I did get a pic of their blowup doll:

The ladies put whip cream on him to simulated a cumshot, but added the lemon to his mouth after taking body shots from me, because they chased the shots by taking the lemon from my mouth. I was flattered.

March 15, 2015

Orange Beach, Alabama. Birthday party. 30 people at a luxurious bay condo.

Everyone here came from Moldova, which is in eastern Europe for those who are poor at geography. This party was much different than usual, and I attribute that to several factors, including cultural differences.

First off, the husbands were present. Some of them even pitched in money to pay for me, including the husband of the birthday girl. Second, their kids were there. I had to wait until 10 pm to show up, because they had to put the kids to bed first.

I showed up in my cop outfit and told the party they were being too loud, deceiving the birthday girl completely. As soon as I stripped, she became embarrassed even though she was very drunk. I couldn't imagine how she would've reacted if she were sober.

The cultural difference became evident when no one tipped. I didn't really mind. Everyone treated me well. Instead, it felt odd dancing for the birthday girl with thirty strangers watching. I also discovered why some of the married guys chipped in money. A few of them eyed me with hungrily, and one of the wives mentioned her husband was "bisexual."

Next, the little children woke up and began running through the living room. That was a first in my career. No one seemed to care. One girl carried a toddler into the living room, and he stared at me in awe. Maybe it's just me, but dancing in my underwear in front of a bunch of little children just didn't seem right. I decided to end it there, after working for only twenty minutes.

I donned on my cop outfit, posed for pictures, and went to my car. Before I drove off, I changed shirts, because I NEVER drive wearing the uniform. It was good timing too, because as soon as backed out of the driveway, the real cops arrived. An angry neighbor called the cops because the music was too loud. Such irony...

March 19, 2015

Biloxi, Mississippi. Bachelorette party.

Unfortunately, I had to turn this one down due to my real job. I asked my agent if the girls would postpone until Friday, but they couldn't because they were only in Biloxi for one night.

So far, this is the only show I turned down this year.


  1. Hi Dion, love your blog and stories here !

    Just thought I would share something here, on the same topic...

    My cousin is a male stripper and he told me about one of the craziest things that happened at 1 party.

    It was a birthday party for a woman turning 42 with about 10 of her friends there. All of them were in their 40`s and most of them married.

    He said that almost all of them gave him Hj`s or Bj`s except for 2 or 3 of them.

    1 of the ladies looked very serious and shy and looked like she would be another one to not participate, but later after 2 or 3 shots of Bacardi she got into it, and started touching his chest, abs, legs and then started to give him a BJ.

    She started telling him things like "OMG ! Yours is so big... Your D_/K is twice as big as my husbands" and she was the one that made him finally blow his load... in her mouth !

    Then, later after he washed up in the bathroom and changed back into his normal clothes as he was leaving to go home, the same lady stopped him outside the door to talk with him.
    she told him that she had a lot of fun and that she had been married 20 years and this was the first time she touched another man in 20 years.

    She told him she felt a little guilty... but then said "What the hell ! I am already being a bad girl tonight... I want to do it again !"
    Then, she invited him to sit in her car parked about a block down the street (in a quiet residential area) "to have some more playtime". He went with her and she got him hard again after 30 minutes of working on it with her hands and mouth.

    He said that after about 30 minutes of her "working on it like a pro" that he blew his load again in her mouth.

    Afterwards, she laughed and said "I am probably going to hell for this, but what the hell ! I`ll be a good girl for the next 20 years, but tonight was my night to have fun !"

    He said he was thinking about charging her for "the extra attention" but he had so much fun, and that she was really good looking for her age, that he decided not to.

    Have you ever had a similar experience Dion ?

    1. Quite a few! The upcoming memoir will have some of them. I'll post some more in the future, too.

      Thanks for sharing your cousin's story and the nice comments. Feel free to add some more. ;)

  2. LOL, while I don't dispute the prevalence of "wild experiences," the story recounted in this comment section is a, speaking of LOAD, a load of BS.