Wednesday, June 17, 2015

"American Stripper" Now Available

My new memoir, American Stripper: A True Story of an Exotic Male Dancer, is complete and available at the following vendors:

Amazon  / Smashwords Kobo Barnes & Noble / iBook (iTunes) / Google Play / And more...

The paperback version is currently available at Createspace, and  Amazon .

The release date is June 22, 2015.

Here's the book description:

As a teenager, Dion McTavish was a nerd. Smart, quiet, and scrawny, he surrounded himself with video games and books. He didn't drink or try drugs and he definitely did not party. But something happened when he got to the University of Florida. He began to work out. Soon, his new physique and a chance visit to a lingerie shop led him to a profession he'd never considered: male stripping.

American Stripper tells the story of Dion's personal and professional growth as a stripper and as a young man navigating a new world of debauched parties, drunk sorority girls, swingers, jealous boyfriends, and male revues. Come along as he acquires a highly prized cop uniform, has his first threesome, and falls in love--all while pursuing his original dream, to become an English teacher abroad. Vivid, thoughtful, and hilarious, American Stripper is a candid account of the transformation of an ordinary boy into a hunky, world traveling young man who knows how to balance business with pleasure.


  1. Is this supposed to be some play on American Taliban?

  2. Cool cant wait to read it

  3. You should take your story to lifetime and get a move made of it

    1. Thanks for the comments! I guess there's already a movie called Magic Mike. My book is a different from that though.