Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Stripping for Female Strippers

For a male stripper, female strippers are some of the best customers ever.

Their male patrons may complain about them. Society may frown upon their occupation. However, my experience with female strippers has been thrilling at the very least.

Here are a list of things female strippers always do at my shows:

  • They participate with a extra dose of enthusiasm. They relish the role reversal, being the recipient of a striptease for once.
  • They will strongly encourage their friends to join in and get wild.
  • They often tip me much better than the average customer. They can relate with the need for good tips.
  • Almost every time, a female stripper will sit me down and perform a strip tease for me.
  • She'll usually give me a lap dance. Best of all, she'll tip me as she does it!
  • Sometimes she'll even thrust her breast into my mouth.
  • At the end of the party, these girls will gather up all the scattered dollar bills, straighten them out, and organize them into a nice stack with all of the bills facing up.
  • They refer me to friends for future events.
  • Just having ONE female stripper at a party can liven up the whole atmosphere

 So some of the jaded men out there can bitch about female strippers, but I love them. If an upcoming bachelorette party has a female stripper in attendance, then it's guaranteed to be an awesome party.

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