Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Do Looks Really Matter to Women?

I received a few e-mails regarding my last post in reference to looks. To sum them all up, the many of the messages basically asked:

Don't women judge men by looks first?

One reader even supplemented a link where one guy from a popular forum used several pictures of a Calvin Klein model for his Tinder account, and immediately received many matches. He'd say the stupidest shit and still get phone numbers.

So to answer your questions, everyone judges by looks first. However, men often judge themselves with these guidelines:

  • I rank about a "5" in the face (on a scale of 1 - 10).
  • I'm x height.
  • I'm y weight.
  • I'm average build.
  • I have an x - inch cock.
Women don't rate men the same way. In an article called How Women Perceive Attractiveness by Dr. Christakis and Dr. Fowler, women rated men on attractiveness based on photographs. The study observed that women found men more attractive based on certain social factors. For example, when a man was with another woman, he was rated higher. When a man was with multiple women, he was rated higher.

In addition, a similar study by John M. Townsend demonstrated that status attire had a profound effect on women's attractiveness ratings towards men. Basically men who wear trashy clothes gott rated lower. Men who wore nicer clothes got rated higher.

So what does this say about women?

Women don't view your rating of a "5" in the same way. Even if you do rank as a "5" physically, you can increase her perception of you through your body language, your clothing, your social standing, job, how you act and what you say.

If you think your self-worth to women is limited to your "5" rating, then you limit only yourself with your insecurity.

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