Saturday, April 3, 2010

Cancelled Show

On Thursday, my agent called me to see if I would do a show for Friday night in a town that was two hours away. This was a college town and the girls were college girls. They also had a unique request: one of the girls, Gina, wanted to see more pictures of me than were provided on the website.

My agent frantically called me and demanded that I send him pics immediately. He also complained that he spoke with Gina twenty times that day and he was starting to become agitated. He said that if she didn't respond to him after he sent the pics, then he would her them off.

Another day passed. It was Friday evening. My agent called me and told me that the party in question finally responded, but it wasn't Gina. Another girl called and said that she wanted to book me within the hour. At this point, my agent was furious and he later told me the whole exchange. "Did you have a friend named Gina who called earlier?" he asked the girl.

The girl on the other line said "yes."

"And she asked for pictures and never called back, right?"


My agent unleashed his fury on this girl. He told her that Gina was supposed to call him back, rather than wait until one hour before the party to do so. He mentioned that there was no possible way I could arrive for an out-of-town show within an hour. He told the girl that Gina lacked integrity and finished with: "Tell Gina to go fuck herself and her mother's dead cunt."

Then he hung up.

My agent called me and apologized for the cancellation. He explained that even if these girls paid four-hundred dollars, he wouldn't have sent me over there. I didn't blame him, because if these girl displayed this type of attitude beforehand, then I could imagine how much worse they could have been at the party.

"I tell ya, young girls think they're entitled to everything," he said in his New York accent. "They're fuckin' bitches. I know this, because I have a daughter in college and she wants every goddamn thing her way--don't worry, you're never gonna meet her, and you stay the fuck away from her. Anyway, these bitches demand everyone to bend over backwards for 'em. Fuck 'em!"

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