Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Catholic Priest Strips

Last Thursday, I stripped for a party at a rental house in a small Florida town.

This party was nothing special. The ladies all came from out of state. Judging by their accents, they came from the Midwest. However, they requested something that I have never done before: They wanted me to dress as a Catholic priest.

I was supposed to wear a black dress shirt and black pants. When I arrived at the party, one of the girls met me outside and gave me a frock and a Bible. She told me to go inside and hear the confession of the bachelorette.

So I entered into a room full of twenty women. They pointed out the bachelorette. I approached her and said, "I'm here to listen to your confession."

She laughed and asked how much time I had. I responded by stripping.

The party was rather tame. The women did not want anything wild. They were more than content to gingerly stick dollar bills in my thong. I finished up the party by cutting the cake and serving the slices.

I walked out with over $400. Not bad for a night's work as a Catholic priest.


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  2. what if a real priest accidently walked in on a bachelorette party