Monday, May 17, 2010

Male Stripper Questions - Part 16

Here are some more questions I received recently (my answers are in bold):

1. Do women request slow dancing a lot from you?

Not really. Sometimes I'll just slow dance with a woman, but only if the song on the radio is a slow song.


2. Also the spanking, what is the deal with that? Is that a pretty regular request?

Women don't usually request to spank me. They just do it. And they do it often.


3. I know woman come on to you during shows and sometimes you exchange numbers. Do you ever go into the bedroom with them while still at the party or do you wait for another time? It seems like if they are hot and you have gotten them worked up by stripping you could be in for a really wild time if you did it right away.
I have hooked up a few times right at the party. I have only done so, because I either stayed at the parties for an extended length of time, or I went out to a club with the girls afterwards. Either way, I stuck around long enough to hook up. I don't think I could have seduced a girl within a normal thirty-minute show (I'm sure it's possible though). Extend my exposure to a few hours, then my chances increase.

I managed to pull off a few threesomes as well. So yes, I had a few really wild times at these parties.


4. I know you are seeing someone now but I would really love to hear more about any encounters with Miss A and Miss E from your April 18th entry. They seem pretty interesting and really into you.
I e-mailed Miss A and Miss E and they e-mailed back. Miss A wrote back a few lines. She finished the e-mail by mentioning that she had to tend to her daughter. I didn't write her back. I wrote Miss E back a short e-mail, but she never replied.

That ends my encounters with Miss A and Miss E. I know it's anti-climatic. But these things happen. Besides, Miss A and Miss E seem like they're in their thirties. Claire is twenty-one. Unless I'm dealing with a fitness model, I prefer younger women without kids over MILFs. My MILF-hunting days are over.

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