Thursday, May 6, 2010

Cougar Party!

Last Saturday, I planned to go out with Claire to a very nice restaurant located in a nearby beach resort town. Then my agent called and asked me to do a show.

I told him that I had plans. He said he would get someone else to do it.

A few hours later my agent called again, begging me to do this show. I asked him where it was. He told me that it was in the same resort town that I was going to. I reluctantly agreed.

"Birthday party," he said. "Bunch of supermodels. They paid with a credit card, so I'll give you that money later. You're only picking up tips tonight. Have a good time."

I told Claire beforehand that I was a male dancer. I didn't share the candid details of the job, but I gave a brief summary---kind of like discussing a little bit about a previous relationship. She was surprised at first, but she seemed easygoing about it. Next I told her about the show I had to do. I asked if she would mind waiting thirty minutes. I said that dinner was on me. She said that she wouldn't mind.

I dressed in a formal suit, because it served two purposes: to strip out at the party, and to wear for the nice restaurant. Claire put on a nice one-piece dress and some stiletto heels.

The party was located in a resort community full of plants, shopping areas, golf courses, and golf cart trails. The weather was heavily overcast but warm. The party was in a condo in the middle of the resort community. I had to park in a parking garage.

I gave Claire my Nintendo DS and a few games for entertainment while I went off and stripped. She smiled and told me to make a lot of money.

I walked to the condo and called the phone number my agent gave me. A lady answered and she came down to meet me. She was a brunette in her mid-40s. She led me up to the condo and described the birthday girl to me. "Brunette, tanned, and wearing a black shirt. She doesn't know you're coming."

"How soon do you want me to start?" I asked.

"Two seconds after I walk in," she said. "We're kind of in a hurry, because the limo will arrive in thirty minutes."

That was different from normal. Usually women want me to wait a few minutes after they return to their party in order to avoid suspicion. So I walked in two seconds after she did.

Everyone turned to stare at me. There were about a dozen ladies around forty or so. They all wore expensive clothes. Most of them could have been supermodels earlier on.

"I'm the limo driver," I announced. "I need to know how many people we have, because I can't fit more than twenty in the limo."

I don't know why I told them I was the limo driver. I guess I wanted the birthday girl to be clueless about me still. One of the women took my cue and started counting everyone. Another women subtly pointed to the birthday girl and mouthed the words, "that's her!" The birthday girl started asking me what kind of limo I was driving. I feel like an actor sometimes.

I approached the birthday girl. "It's a nice one," I said. "You'll see. By the way, do you mind if I get a drink before I drive y'all around? Sometimes driving can be boring, ya know. So I need a drink to loosen up."

The birthday girl stared at me in shock. Several other girls laughed. Then I started dancing.

This party was very tame. Everyone was married. No one was really drunk. I danced with about five or six girls. These ladies acted very conservative. They didn't want anything beyond a dance, which was good. However, one dared to slap my ass. Another lady asked, "Is that real? You didn't stuff that, did you?"

I grabbed my cock through the fabric of my thong and moved it about. "It's real," I assured her.

I thought of Claire waiting, so I wanted to end the party soon. "How about some group pictures?" I announced.

So the ladies gathered around and took group pictures. Rather than stand with me, they had a different idea for posing. Several ladies kneeled next to me and put dollar bills into my thong. That was their idea of posing. They wanted me to face the camera, and then when the front of my thong was full of money, they wanted my ass to face the camera.

After the pictures, I started to get dressed. Several of the women told me that I was the perfect dancer.

"You were great!" the birthday girl told me. "You weren't raunchy at all. You were respectful and classy."

Several women agreed. Too bad they didn't see some of my previous parties. I'm sure that they would have a different opinion if they did.

I put on my clothes and gathered my tip money, which was a hundred dollars. Not bad.

I rushed back to my car to meet Claire. She seemed happy to tell me about how far she got on Yoshi's Island DS. I told her that I just finished with a bunch of cougars. She laughed.

"So do you like cougars," she asked.

"Nah, I think I like younger women," I said.

She kissed me in response.

We went out to eat and had a great time at the restaurant. I spent 75 of the 100 I for the dinner tab. Then I spent the remaining 25 on gas. Good thing I took a thirty minute detour for stripping---the tip money alone paid for my Saturday.


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  2. I'm curious to know now, if it's not too personal a question (even by male stipper standards,) how big is your dick? I have a pretty average one, but I'd assume women get a bit more excited about a big boy.
    Do you have any insight on the subject? Do you know other males strippers who are plainly endowed? Do they get hired less? Or are women more into the dancing and how nice your body is?