Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Slow Period

Work has been slow lately. I have one show scheduled next week. This will be the first one since the cougar party.

I attribute the lack of work to a few reasons.

First, spring break is over. Tourists consist of over 50% of my income. Most of the people who hire me are tourists who rent beach condos or beach houses. Summer may bring more tourists, but this year presents a new problem.

British Petroleum's oil spill. Thanks to this large mess and the media exagerrating the destruction, many tourists will avoid the beaches of Alabama and Florida this summer. Many fisherman, restaurants, and shops rely on tourists for their income. I rely on these same tourists to come down and hire me. I fear this incident will chase away a lot of potential customers.

The lingering recession also affects my job. With a high unemployment rate, fewer people are willing to spend on the luxury of having a male dancer.

Regardless, the market for male stripping will still exist. I don't mind the lapse in work so much, as I have other jobs to earn income. However, male stripping provides the easiest source of untaxed, unregulated money.

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