Thursday, October 28, 2010

Top 5 Essential Outfits for a Male Stripper

For any apiring male stripper, costumes are an absolute necessity. Those men who think they can work for an agency without a costume will never get any work. I never got work until I bought some costumes.

Without further ado, I'll present the most important costumes:

5.) Pizza Delivery Guy - Go to Pizza Hut and request an empty pizza box. Offer to buy a pizza if you have to. Walk in with the pizza as you wait for your payment. This costume is the most amusing, because girls are less likely to suspect that you're a stripper. Reactions of utter shock and surprise are common, because no one ever expects the pizza delivery guy to take off his clothes.

4.) Cowboy - Country women often request the cowboy outfit. The best thing to do with this outfit is to designate a "cowgirl." To do this, you first take off your cowboy hat, place it on a girl's head, then place her above your crotch and make her "ride" you while you dry hump her.

3.) Fireman - With this costume, a male stripper can show up to the party, knock on the door, and announce that he has to check inside the building due to a reported sighting of smoke. When all is clear, he can start stripping.

2.) Military Uniform - This was a must-have when I stripped in Ireland. The agent demanded that I get a Navy uniform. American girls request it as well, though less often. This outfit made number 2, because of its popularity in the U.K. and Ireland. This outfit is for the girls who love their men in uniform.

1.) Police Officer - The most requested outfit. Women request this almost 50% of the time. The more authentic the police uniform, the more fun the party becomes, especially when the girls believe that you're a real cop. Just show up, announce that the neighbors called the police due to a noise complaint, then interrogate the bachelorette. Sometimes the bachelorette will become indignant because she thinks that an actual cop is ruining her party. On top of that, handcuffing women is always fun.

Those are the Top 5 essential outfits for any male stripper. To even consider stripping, I recommend owning at least two of the above. I had three: the cop, cowboy, and pizza-delivery boy.

Authentic cop, fireman, and military uniforms aren't the easiest to find. Expect to spend good money for high quality outfits. I spent a few hundred dollars on my police outfit, but the amount of work I received for having it made the investment worthwhile.

In conclusion, a male stripper is not defined by just his looks and charm, but by his costumes as well!


  1. Wish there were pics of you in each costume,

  2. I'll post one up with the next update.

  3. Where did you find your cop outfit??

  4. has a good selection of "duty" shirts and pants of different brands for cops, paramedics, etc, often at good discounts, and plenty of duty belts and all that kind of stuff.

    1. Getting your side work situated, X?