Thursday, October 14, 2010

Getting Laid - Physical Appearance

I have received a few e-mails asking me advice on how to get girls. There are so many factors involved on attracting women: attitude, status, personality, common interests, and appearance. I'll get into each of these, but for now, I'm going to just focus on personal appearance.

Believe it or not, appearance becomes very important when you want to attract someone. Don't believe that horseshit that says, "Appearance doesn't matter at all." Yes it does. It matters a lot. If appearance didn't matter at all, then there would be no such thing as strippers, porn stars, and models. People say that appearance doesn't matter because they don't want to sound shallow. But in truth, we humans are shallow, and we focus a lot on looks. No one wants to fuck something that looks repulsive.

Contrary to what you have heard, women place a lot of value on looks. Unlike men, however, attitude and personality factors more into the equation. For example, a woman can look at a man within the first two seconds of meeting him and determine whether or not he's attractive. This initial reaction is the first step. Next, she talks to the man for a few minutes and comes to a conclusion whether or not she can fuck him. So basically, a woman can determine whether a man is fuckable within the first five minutes of talking to him. If she finds the man unattractive during this time, then the man has little hope of getting laid. While it's important for a man to learn good social skills, it's equally important for him to be good looking enough to spark attraction during those first two seconds.

So, if want to look attractive to the most women possible, then here are the types of looks NOT to do:

1.) Dreadlocks (a.k.a. shitlocks)

If you're white, then don't even attempt to pull of this look if you ever want to get laid by a girl who bathes on a regular basis. Just by having this hair, you weed out 99.99% of prospective girls by your ragged appearance alone. The rest of the .01% simply lowered their standards. My advice: Lose the homeless bum look and cut those clumps of shit.

Another variation of this hippie look is the shaggy hair and beard. I noticed that a lot of college kids sport this look now. I also noticed that they never have a girl, or they have a nasty girl.

2.) Emo/Scene Look

Another great look to have if you want to spend many lonely nights jacking off to anime porn while crying yourself to sleep. Most women will think you're a pussy if you sport this look, especially if you wear the tight jeans that cling to your skinny legs. Of course, some guys with this look may attract other emo girls, but that's like trying to fish out of a small pond when there's a huge ocean out there.

And leave the tight jeans style for the girls to wear.

3. Metrosexual

Okay, I said it's great to take care of yourself, but this is too much. You don't need to spend more time getting ready than your date. Unless you're trying to pick up people at a gay club, then don't bother with this look. If you do, then you're sure to piss off some gay people for misleading them with your metro style.

4. Computer Nerd

If you look like the stereotypical computer programmer (above), then chances are that women don't want to sleep with you, even if you are one of the smartest guys at your university. I'm just talking about looks, not profession. You can still be a computer programmer, but don't sport the wimpy look with the nasal voice. My cousin graduated with a computer science degree and works as a programmer, but he is jacked like brick shithouse, wears wifebeaters, and talks like an army drill sergeant...and he gets pussy.

5. Gangsta-Wannabe

The only girls who ever would hook up with these guys are the girls who also dress like this or just have low IQs. If you're trying for that intimidating gangsta look, then the only things that you're going to intimidate are your chances of having sex... ever, unless you pay for it. No one thinks that you're cool or tough. They just laugh. I don't think any girl gets wet when she looks at your hat tipped sideways, the baggy shorts that come down to your chicken-leg ankles, and your awkward, limp-wrist gang signs. If I ever had a son and he walked home looking like one of these kids, the beating I would give him would resemble a bloodbath.


Now that I've covered the looks to avoid, let's go over what you should do. As a male stripper, my goal was to attract the most women across the broad spectrum as possible. That means I didn't have a specific demographic in mind. So with that said, I recommend the following:

1.) Exercise - You don't have to be jacked like Arnold Schwarzenegger, but most women admire a well-proportioned physique with abs. Some women may say that they prefer skinny guys, a husky man, or such, but having a good physique NEVER hurts. You're also more likely to attract a larger variety of women, regardless of the type of men they're into.

2.) Decent clothes - You don't have to dress like a metrosexual guy, but don't dress like a damned hippie either. Hell, wearing a nice t-shirt with jeans would make you presentable as long as you look like you showered recently. You don't have to spend money on name brand clothes either. Believe it or not, most people beyond high school aren't going to make a big fuss if your t-shirt comes from Wal Mart instead of Hollister. And DON'T EVER WEAR SOCKS WITH SANDALS. That combination dries up pussy faster than any arid desert can.

3.) Short, well-groomed hair - If you're going to have long hair, then have nice hair at least. Don't try to look like your favorite rock band. No girl ever looked at Jerry Garcia or Willie Nelson and thought of them as sexy. Those guys got laid because of their fame and fortune, not because of their shitty hair. As for short hair, a little grooming is nice if it's longer than a military buzz cut. If you overdo it, women will just assume you're gay, which is not the desired effect (unless you swing that way).

4.) Avoid excessive piercings/tattoos - Women who are into piercings and tattoos are likely to admire these. However, with excessive piercings and tattoos, you are likely to weed out a girl who prefers a more clean-cut guy. If you don't have any tattoos or piercings, you don't hurt your chances with a girl who loves tattoos and piercings (and you can always get some later). Did you hear me there? A lack of tattoos and piercings cause the least negative impression among most. That is what you should aim for.

Tattoos are a great way to show self-expression, but so is a t-shirt. You can change a t-shirt when you tire of the design, but you can't change a tattoo so easily.

5.) Posture - Stand up straight. Be a fucking man. Quit slouching and sagging everywhere you go. If you slouch, then you better work on your posture. Chances are that most women will notice your slouch during the first two seconds of meeting you. Women like a manly posture, so lift that chin up and make eye contact. Exercise also helps your posture.

There you have it. A male stripper's advice on physical appearance. Some may argue that getting a women is 100% about personality, but physical appearance plays a significant role in addition to personality. Neglecting your physical appearance reflects upon your personality. If an ugly man and a handsome man enter a room with a similar personality and an equivalent amount of charm, then the handsome man will more than likely attract more women. In the very least, having a nice appearance will never do you any harm, except attract undesired attention.


  1. Great post!!
    I'm a skinnier guy... 5'10, 155lbs, black, low-cut, good body language. But my question is about energy and fast sexually escalation.
    By nature, I'm not a high energy man.

    But, when in nightclubs... the energy is pretty high, especially with techno music.

    How can I use this high energy atmosphere to my advantage by having sex with women Faster?

  2. I'll go over picking up women at clubs later. My advice for now is this: Expect to fail a lot when picking up a girl at a club.

  3. i just wanna say this total bullshit! your a fucking faggot for even thinking that everything your saying is the truth! your stereotyped every single fucking person out there and said that everyone is a shitfuck if they aren't like you. You, yes you, are the scum of the fucking Earth. You're a low life piece of shit trying to make everyone think that you're the best and you're the shit! It's a fact that girls love a guy that is inked up! Tattoos and hair, and clothes are all a way to express one's self and you're shitting on everyone else's ways just because you want to feel better about having a tiny ass dick! fuck off faggot!

  4. Haha, pretty sure anonymous (3/22) is emo. Pro tip: people who make tiny dick jokes are the ones with some insecurity issues...big dicks are cool and all, and if you have one, good for you. However, if you've ever had a chick you'd know that in the end it really doesn't matter (unless you're with some beat up slut or are sub 4")...

    Dion, this is a very interesting blog on something that everyone is familiar with but knows so little about. Keep up the good work, as this is very engaging to read. I really like how truthful you appear in your posts, and not just talking about your conquests. It's nice to know not every woman is a whore at these parties as many are lead to believe.

  5. I just noticed these comments... Anyway, not everything I say is the truth. It's opinion.

    Regarding the poster above, I appreciate the comments. Feel free to add some more.

  6. LOL is the guy in the metrosexual picture Cristiano Ronaldo?