Monday, October 31, 2011


Several readers have commented about whether or not I had relationships because I write more about hooking up with girls than dating them. I have had several relationships, but never thought anyone wanted to read about them. In truth, most of my relationships were mundane and not worth writing about.

So to quell the many questions about my love life, I'll give a brief run through of the more prominent relationships that come to mind:

Jackie -
I don't have anything bad to say about her. In 2000, Jackie and I met at a club of all places. We danced at first, then talked for awhile, and she gave me her number. To my surprise, she actually answered her phone when I called the next day and we talked for hours. She was a year older than I was and already had a child, a son. She was very intelligent, hard-working, and self-motivated. I wanted a serious relationship with her, but I was moving to Gainesville soon to attend the University of Florida. Jackie told me that a long distance relationship wouldn't work, but we kept in contact through the years.

When I became a male stripper, Jackie felt complete and utter shock because she could not imagine me as one, because I was "shy" and "quiet." Nonetheless, she cheered me on. I graduated UF and landed a job in Japan. She was one of the few people who would actually call me while I was over there. When I returned, we dated a short time. She wanted a relationship and even dropped a few hints about marriage, but by this time, I felt that I wasn't ready for a relationship. She ended up marrying someone and moving on. The last time I saw her was in a grocery store. She had her son with her, and she was pregnant. We spoke for awhile, hugged, and then parted ways. Knowing her, I'm sure she is doing fine now.

Karin -
She was a European girl I met during tennis class. Our relationship started out heated at first, but a language barrier and cultural differences drove the wedge between us. We would have fights over trivial matters such as me owning a gun, something which many American girls would ignore. On top of that, Karin had to go back to Europe, so we tried the long-distance relationship because we thought it could work. I must admit, it was one of my dumber ideas. Our relationship ended when Karin called me from Europe one day to inform me that she hooked up with a guy at a club.

A larger story exists between me and Karin, since she partially influenced my decisions to become a male stripper. Perhaps I'll write more about it one day...

Alishia -
After Karin, I dated Alishia. I even wrote a whole story about her. Click here to read it: Male Stripping History Pisses Off Girl.

Naoko -
When I first arrived in Japan for work after college, I made a vow to myself to never date a Japanese girl. Relationships are hard work without a language barrier and cultural differences bogging them down further, and I did not want to repeat the mistakes I made with Karin. However, I didn't make any friends at first. I dated a Canadian girl and a Scottish girl---both girls did not work out. After a few months of going to work and going back home to my small apartment, life in Japan began to get very lonely. I had no friends, no family, and I was in a different culture where everyone spoke a different language.

So when Naoko came into my life, I had forsaken my vow and dated her. It wasn't a bad time. Naoko was an extremely kind and caring person, raised in the traditional Japanese manner where manners, elegance, and the ability to please a husband took priority. I'm sure that she would have made a great wife had I married her, but I would have been unhappy. We separated before I left Japan. I hope she has found her happiness by now---she deserves it.

The Writer -
I met The Writer in 2007. The reason I am calling her "The Writer" is because she is an actual published romance novelist, and a quick use of Google can produce a good amount information about her, and I will not list her name here since I'm sure that she wants no affiliation with my blog. Anyway, we dated and I quit stripping because I liked her so much. We eventually got engaged. However, we were two different people with two different lifestyles: She likes to drink at bars or sit and watch t.v. on the couch; I like to work out and do adventurous outdoor activities such as kayaking or hunting. Moreover, I caught her in several lies and lost my trust and respect for her as a result. I should have ended it, but I actually wanted to try my best to fix things. Instead, I dragged out the relationship until we were almost at each others' throats.

Note: Before I met The Writer, I had my male stripper blog on another website with a few older stories. Well, she read it when we first started dating and told me that it was garbage and that no one would ever want to read it (of course, I'll let you readers decide that from now on). Since she was a published author and I liked her so much, I believed her and deleted the site along with all my stories. As I got to know her, I just realized that she loathed my stripping job, which was understandable. Moreover, she hated the idea of me writing any stories pertaining to it.  If I have one regret, then it's deleting my old stories for her.

I hope this post answers some of the questions that y'all had about my relationship experiences. In the meantime, you can e-mail me questions or comments here:


  1. Old I know.... you went on a cruise with Claire the previous January and the latex and all. Were you guys an item?

  2. A romance novelist calling anyone's writing 'garbage' is rather hypocritical.

  3. @1st comment: We didn't wear latex out. She wore a leather mini-skirt. It pissed an old lady off. lol.

    @2nd comment: She was a decent writer in the sense of plot and narrative. Her protagonists were horrible though.

    But yeah, I can't read romance novels either.