Friday, October 14, 2011

Update Notice

The next story will be posted soon. It's called "The Good Girl - Bad Girl Paradox", and it's about a show I did at the beginning of October. I finished writing it recently, but it needs editing.

To answer many questions I have received over the last week in e-mails, I'll post some of the answers here:

- I'm still writing about the very beginning of my career. One of my next projects will be part 3.

- More pics will come. I have taken a few. However, I will blur or black out the girls' faces. I don't want someone getting fired or having relationship problems because of me posting someone's pic on the internet.

- Some of you guys want me to take a more erotic approach to my writing---like a Penthouse forum story. I have a few stories like that, so hang in there. In the meantime, check out the next story.

- There's also quite the demand for stories about bachelorettes cheating. Regarding these situations, I'm not fond of sleeping with a girl who has a boyfriend or who is getting married. Of course, that is not to say that it has never happened. For those events in my past, I'll get around to writing about them, though don't expect a lot of them. In the meantime, check out the bachelorette in my next upcoming story.

- For the rest of the questions, the next batch of answers for the male stripper Q & A will be posted after "The Good Girl - Bad Girl Paradox" is up.

Till then, feel free to e-mail me any comments or questions here:

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