Saturday, April 6, 2013

Alcoholics Anonymous Bachelorette Party

Friday - April 05, 2013

Bachelorette Party

Location: Northwest Florida

On Friday evening, I did a very routine, very typical bachelorette party in northwest Florida.

Nothing extraordinary happened at the party that separates it from the hundreds of other parties I had done except one thing: All the females there were a part of Alcohlics Anonymous.

I contacted the girl who hired me over the phone to go over the pre-party details. When I brought up the subject of doing body shots, she said there would be no alcohol there. She further elaborated that everyone there met through the local AA meetings and were recovering alcohlics. Very... different.

To further promote sobriety amongst themselves, they threw an AA meeting-styled  bachelorette party for one of their soon-to-be-married members and had me strip come over to strip.

Because these women met through AA, they were the most mismatched group that I'd ever had the privilege to strip for, as if they came packaged in a variety pack. The youngest girl was eighteen years old while the oldest was a grandmother who had middle-aged children. An emo girl stared at me from one corner of the room looking morose and glum. The grandmother, who reminded me of an ancient druid herbalist, hobbled around excitedly watching the performance in the background and mentioning that they didn't make men like me back in her day. A sorority looking girl screamed herself hoarse as I was dry-humping her, while a soccer mom slapped my ass and encouraged the sorority girl to participate with me in some extracurricular activities with involved a teamwork cardio session.

Like I said, the party went along like my average one. The women enjoyed my physical interaction with them and showed their appreciation in the most generous and honorable manner by pinching my ass and taking pictures with poses of themselves pretending to perform oral sex on me. They even fed me afterwards, which is a bonus.

Who said AA meetings had to be boring?


  1. Have you ever done a party that didn't involve touching?

  2. Very rarely. Some of the more conservative girls just watch from a distance. Not as fun as the more risque parties, but they're not so bad as long as they're nice.