Monday, March 24, 2014

11 Years Of Stripping

March of 2014 marks the eleventh year since I started stripping back in 2003 for a small, local company called French Addiction. Little did I know at the time that I'd still be doing this job past the age of 30.

There are two main differences between stripping in 2003 and stripping now. The first and obvious difference is that I am a much better performer now than back then. I can stimulate a crowd better, dance better, and give better customer service than ever before. The second difference is that I have a full time professional job. Back in 2003, I relied on stripping as my main income. Not anymore. Now, it supplements my income, provides me with some extra spending money.

My opinion about being a male stripper has changed several times throughout the last decade. I started off by wearing this job like a badge of pride, bragging to anyone and everyone who would listen. Then I treated it like it was a seedy profession that I needed to quit in order to appease society's perception of me. Now I see stripping as a fun part of my life where I can meet many interesting women and go to a lot of exciting places. The extra cash is great too.

So I have made a decision: I'm going to continue this job throughout my thirties. Not only will this act provide me with motivation to stay in shape, but I'll also have an influx of new content for my writing.


  1. Good for you man. I think a lot of guys you're age would think stripping is something you do in you're 20s, and that they need to move on and start doing more "adult" things. I think you really are living the manifesto "you're as young as you feel." I'm 27, and I have started to worry that I'm getting to old for some of the stuff I want to do. Maybe not.

  2. Thanks, man! In a sense, these parties give me the drive to take care of myself.

    I do believe we should outgrow a few things though, such as a lack of responsibility and direction in life... and temper tantrums too.