Sunday, March 9, 2014

Bachelorette Party In Perdido Key

Saturday - March 8, 2014

12 Girls

Costume:  GQ

A group of ladies from New Orleans came to party in Perdido Key and hired a male stripper for the first time. They had me on speaker phone when I spoke to them, and they sounded very nervous. I walked them through my routine. There was no special request for a costume, so I just wore my pleather pants, my black boots, and a dress shirt for my costume.

The performance went very well. All of the women were very beautiful and extremely friendly. When I straddled the bachelorette and cued her friends to cheer for me, they gave a deafening roar, which caused the bachelorette's face to flush a bright red. I took body shots from several girls, and several girls took body shots off of me. Everyone giggled in the background at the expense of whomever was the focus of my attention.

What I found touching was one girl going into her room so she could get more cash to tip me. Usually, a lot of private bachelorette parties have a predetermined tip amount to give the male stripper. Women seldom dig in their purses for extra money to give the stripper during these private shows. That's what guys do for female strippers. She gave me an extra $40, totaling out to over $120 in tips alone. Her gesture both surprised and touched me.

After my performance, I stayed and talked with everyone. They were curious about my profession. Not only did I pop their male stripper cherry, but they never had even met a male stripper before.

I left in an extremely good mood. If only all parties could go this well.

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  1. Great to read this bro
    This shows good human beings exist
    You upload the oivs you r talking about from this show :)

    God bless the cute generous girla