Friday, March 28, 2014

Highlights of March 2014 - Part 1

March 15, 2014

Gulf Shores, Alabama.

10 Women from Louisiana.

A petite Cajun girl hired me for her friend's bachelorette party. She wanted me to come dressed in a business suit with a bow tie. Unfortunately, the bachelorette came down with a virus the day before, so she was completely out of it, spending the day either sleeping or throwing up. Her friends barely were able to rouse her before I arrived.

I entered the condo to see a room of mostly sober women with an ill bachelorette in her pajamas. This was a first. I never had the girl, who was the center of attention, so sick that she could barely move! Nevertheless, I stripped and gave it my best. Despite being in her condition, the bachelorette perked up in surprise. She did not want to participate much, but requested that I dance for her friends instead. I was happy to oblige because I was afraid that she would puke on me. Also, I did not want to get what she had! Poor girl...

A few of her friends got a little wild with me. The Cajun girl got very drunk, and at one point, seemed like she wanted to make out with me. I refrained from doing so. Making out with a drunk girl in front of a sober crowd would result in big time drama that was best left avoided.

After finishing, the women gave me a round of applause and cheers for my performance. While I was getting dressed, I noticed printouts of half-naked men taped to the walls. The bachelorette explained that each girl printed out her favorite "stud" to tape to the wall, with her stud being several members of some new boy band that I never heard of (nor cared to even hear about). The boy band were teenagers, and the other women teased the bachelorette about being a pedophile.

Of course, one slender brunette tacked a picture of Channing Tatum in the living room. It was a shot from Magic Mike.

"Did you like the movie?" I asked her.

"It was horrible," the slender brunette replied. "But I love Channing Tatum though. I met him in person too!"

"Oh yeah?"

"It was on the setlist of Jumpstreet 22," she explained. "I'm going to be an extra in that movie."

I told her that I'll keep an eye out for her (plus I want to confirm).

Overall, this whole party had the setup for a disaster, but in the end, everyone had fun. The women said that the bachelorette being ill put a damper on their plans, and they thanked me for turning their night around.

"You're going to be the highlight of our trip," the bachelorette said as I was leaving.

Bless her heart. I hope she recovered by now.

March 22, 2014

Orange Beach, Alabama. Two different bachelorette parties booked me at the same condo.

The first party requested a doctor, which was unique since no one ever wanted me to dress as a doctor before. The customer explained that one of the girls was going to fake a panic attack and have me show up to help her. Since I didn't have anything to resemble a doctor's outfit, I suggested that I show up as a firefighter responding to a medical call.

When I entered the condo, the girl who was pretending to have a panic attack was sprawled over the coffee table, crying hysterically. She was doing such a good job at it that I would have thought she had a legitimate problem had I not been in on the plan. I played along and pretended like I was trying to help her. She snatched her arm away and sat down, calling the bachelorette over. As soon as the bachelorette sat down to comfort her, the music started playing. The girl faking the panic attack began laughing and said to the bachelorette, "Haha! Gotcha bitch!"

I started to dance and strip.

The bachelorette's eyes widened, then she smiled in realization. "I hate you!" she said to the room. Then she looked at me in shock and said, "You are such a liar!"

My deceptive act did not bother her too bad since she put her hands on me and relaxed.

My routine went well. I focused primarily on the bachelorette, but made my rounds with a few of her friends and her sister. I elicited cheers from the crowd before I did something naughty, such as push my crotch into a random girl's face. The louder the cheers, the more decadent the act. The crowd loved it, and I had them screaming really loud.

The neighbors did not like it. Management came pounding on the door halfway through my performance.

After we were warned, I decided to play a more quiet game, so I suggested blindfolding the bachelorette and having her take the dollar bills out of my thong with her mouth. Her friend who faked the panic attack earlier assisted in this game by pushing the bachelorette's face into my cock repeatedly, only her actions did not help much at all. As a matter of fact, her friend seemed intent on steering the bachelorette's face towards my cock more than anything.

One this game was over, the girls demanded more. By this time, over an hour had passed, and I had already gone through my typical bag of tricks: strip, dance, dry-hump, pull dollar bills out of cleavage and panties with my mouth, and bodyshots. There was only so much I could do before my routine became repetitive and boring. I came up with the idea of having the girls blindfold me while I take dollars from the bachelorette. Everyone loved this idea. They decided to take it a step further.

They blindfolded me and the bachelorette left the room to change. I assumed that she was going to put on some sexy lingerie. I relaxed and reclined on the couch, unable to see anything. When the bachelorette came back, she climbed atop me. When I placed my hands around her waist, my suspicions were confirmed: She was definitely in lingerie.

I could not see a thing, but I grabbed dollar bills from her bra and the front of her thong. I almost missed and bumped directly into her pussy at one point. One bystander was disappointed about this. To my surprise, girl who faked the panic attack earlier filmed the whole incident and sent it to me. Here's the video:

The girls wanted me to get nude, but I was running late for my next party, which was unfortunate because things could have really gotten wild. However, customer service came first over my selfish needs. I owed the second party that degree of professionalism. As I wrapped up my act, the crowd told me that they were going out to the club later and invited me to come along after I was finished working. I told them that I would.

So I gathered my things and headed back to the lobby to meet the customers for the second party. At least I didn't have to go far.

To be continued...


  1. Interesting experience story. By the way, are you an independent stripper or a member of stripclub?

  2. I work for two companies at the moment. I occasionally book myself from this site too.I don't think that I can do the strip club scene. I'd burn out quickly on that.

  3. "The girls wanted me to get nude, but I was running late for my next party, which was unfortunate because things could have really gotten wild. However, customer service came first over my selfish needs."

    Dion, I think you're in the wrong profession. I think you're better suited as a Dalai Lama.

    1. I wouldn't go that far now! Maybe I should have added that my booking agent would have been upset and not send me anymore work if I failed to show up at the next party.