Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Chapter 1: An Intro to Male Stripping

*Note: The following chapter is an excerpt from my book, "Behind the G-String: Dion's Guide to Becoming a Male Stripper" that is available here.  

My name is Dion, and I am a male stripper.
In high school, I wasn’t the star football player or prom king. I was the musician in chorus class who had never even been inside a gym. I spent all my free time playing video games, reading fantasy novels, and watching anime.
I moved to Gainesville in 2002 to attend the University of Florida, one of the top party schools in the United States. I missed out on the wild parties, apparently. I spent my 21st birthday working a part-time job at the gym and doing homework. There was no crazy birthday party, no outing with friends. I couldn’t even get a girlfriend. I was in the prime of my life making good grades at a good college, but I felt like a loser.
My saving grace through this period was bodybuilding. Ultimately, it was my dream to compete. I wanted to enter a bodybuilding competition and be the best built guy in the region. However, while I had good muscular symmetry, my frame would never allow me to attain the hulking physiques of pro-bodybuilders, meaning I wasn’t likely to win any competitions. Moreover, my muscles weren’t getting me any girls.
Then I walked into French Addiction, a lingerie store, and saw an ad for male strippers. Part of the requirement was having a nice physique. No dance experience necessary. I applied and got the job.
Getting this job marked the biggest turning point of my life. I became a whole other person. My life shifted from a dull existence to one full of excitement. I went to the best parties and got paid to do so. My forays with the opposite sex exceeded all my fantasies and expectations. Girls constantly called me wanting to hang out. My life made those movies about the college party life seem boring in comparison.
The money was great too. I made more in thirty minutes working a party than I did during a week’s worth of work at the gym. Other students had to take grueling shift work to earn minimum wage, while I partied with girls and earned more. I couldn’t believe it. Sometimes I had nightmares that the whole male stripping job was just a dream.
 To say that male stripping changed me is an understatement. It transformed me into something better, more dynamic. This occupation also gave me plenty of memorable adventures. Becoming a stripper was one of the best things that ever happened to me, and I would do it over again and again.
That’s enough about me. What about you? Why do you want to become a stripper?

Let’s examine some reasons and see if this job is really for you.

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