Monday, September 22, 2014

Farrah De Lis Rips Off Agency

UPDATE: After this post, Farrah De Lis removed all social media content relating to her name Farrah De Lis, including the videos from her YouTube video. She probably goes by another stage name now, if she's still stripping that is (if she hasn't ripped off enough people). Also, she posted in one of the comments below. I'll let y'all take a guess which one she is.

When a stripper works for an agent, he or she usually collects the money from the customers upfront before the performance. This money is the initial down payment and does not include tips. After the show, the stripper sends a percentage of that money to the agent in order to get new bookings.

Unfortunately, some strippers decide that this is a great opportunity to steal. They simply keep the money and never contact the agency again.

Farrah De Lis (her stage name, but you can Google it and get some results) was a prime example.

She worked at one of my agencies, and they booked her and another dancer called Holly, who was her friend, to strip at an all-night bachelor party in New Orleans, from 8 p.m. until 2 a.m. in the morning, six hours total. The guys had a limo and wanted Farrah and Holly to go to the clubs and hang out with them the duration of the night. According to my agent, Farrah De Lis was to collect $900 and send $200 of it to the company. The $200 covered both of the dancer's booking fee. That deal was more than fair in this industry, and Farrah agreed to send her and Holly's portion together since Holly was a new hire.

The first problem came when the customers complained that Farrah and Holly ditched them at 11 p.m., staying only three of the six hours, even though they paid the full $900 up front. They were very pissed at her.

The second problem came when Farrah failed to pay the agent. Two weeks went by. The agent attempted to call and text her because sometimes shit happens, but the phone call went to voice mail after two rings--which the agent thought was Farrah deliberately sending the call to voicemail--and she ignored the text messages.

During this period, Farrah De Lis began applying at other stripping agencies seeking employment. Unbeknownst to her, the agency she ripped off had already sent a warning out to the other agencies. Another national agency recognized Farrah and informed the initial agency that she was "bombarding" them with e-mails looking for work."

Farrah De Lis did not get hired with that agency. Instead, that agent told her flat out that he "doesn't hire dancers who steals money."

Irony has a tendency to strike out at random, and in this case, Farrah was on the receiving end of its blows. A rich customer called the first agency and specifically requested to book Farrah and one other girl for a whole evening for his best friend's bachelor party with a generous budget of $2,000 to spare. That was not including the fat padding of tips, which he assured would flow freely provided the girls do a good job. Too bad Farrah was no longer employed, because she would have made a ton of money.

To summarize the consequences, Farrah De Lis had forsaken a high-paying gig and much more lucrative work opportunities. She also faces the possibility of theft charges. Most of all, her reputation as a reliable dancer is ruined because the first agency blacklisted her name, and word of bad dancers spread like the flu in the stripping industry.

All for $200. What a dumb thing to do.

And how do I know this?

I was visiting my agent when he booked Farrah, and he later told me the whole story, which I'm now sharing because it teaches one important lesson in life: Don't steal from your employers--it's like chopping off the hand that feeds you.

Update: One of my readers sent me a link of her video on Youtube, which you can see below:


  1. Sounds like she was given a valuable life lesson. Some people never learn though. Maybe she will change her ways. Time will tell.

    1. Maybe, but if she's pulling stunts like this as a grown adult, I doubt she'll change.

      For instance, I wouldn't even dream of ripping an agent off -- even a bad one. It takes a special way of thinking to rip someone off.

  2. She probably didnt like the agency.

    1. The agency is one of the most generous agencies around. Besides, not liking something doesn't justify theft.

  3. Wow..I'm surprised some sucker paid a beaty eyed butter face $900 to strip at his party. Anyway, I'm sure she'll get what's coming to her when she rips the right person off.