Saturday, April 25, 2015

A Sweet Letter from a Customer

A short while ago I had forgotten my music player and portable speaker at a bachelorette party in Panama City. I didn't realize it until the following night when I was getting ready to work another party, which caused me to scramble for a substitute player. So I called the previous customer and asked her if I had left the items. She confirmed that I did, and offered to mail them back to me. I text messaged her my mailing address.

The package arrived with all of my things intact. I was grateful. Usually if I forget items, most people won't even bother to help me get them back.

In addition my music player and the speaker, the customer attached this card sealed in a pretty red envelope:

In case you have trouble reading the message, it says the following:

Hey Dion! 
I went ahead and charged everything for you. I am sorry that you forgot them. Thank you for being awesome for our bachelorette party/weekend! 
Everyone had a great time! Oh and thanks for getting those guys off of our limo. Some people know no boundaries. But thanks for everything, again! Good luck with your book! I have always wanted to write one. I look forward to reading it. 
Have a great day,
(Name omitted)

That letter made me smile. It also made me realize how such nice customers make this job so much fun and rewarding. In return, I promised to mail her a free copy of my book along with another random gift.


  1. Definitely a nice letter and nice of her to mail your stuff to you.

    I wonder if she is being extra "nice" to you, cuz she wants the D ?

    Or maybe she is genuinely a nice person ? Could be, I suppose, since you are in the South and there are more genuine and friendly people there...

    1. I think she was a genuinely nice person. She's married and wasn't trying to inappropriately contact me or anything.

      Most of my customers from the South are very friendly... You might be on to something there!