Thursday, April 30, 2015

Cashing Out Tip Money

Last weekend, I've done two shows and earned a little over 600 dollars. Approximately 280 dollars of that were in one-dollar bills as seen below:

This is what $280 in ones look like.

That much money fits poorly in most wallets, so I went to the bank to exchange them for larger denominations. The lady across the counter gawked at me.

The money-counting machine at the front could not take so much cash, so she had to go into another room to use the largest machine. Other employees took notice of the cash and cast surreptitious glances at me.

It was very awkward. At least the lady had the professionalism not to ask me why I had so many ones. She probably had a hint where those bills came from because they smelled strongly of perfume.


  1. Who knows what they could have been thinking ? I don`t blame you for being self-conscious though...

    For all they know, you could be a waiter or bartender in one of the busiest restaurants or bars in town, and get lots of tips. The smell of perfume on the bills was a big clue though.. :)

  2. I used to work in a bar in college, and would take several hundred or thousand dollars in ones at times. I was asked if I was a male stripper once. Wish I had thought of being one then, ha