Monday, April 27, 2015

Topless Only

I got this letter in my inbox recently:

So I was always interested in making some quick cash stripping. 
But I cannot do 100% full stripping. Only topless for reasons beyond. I don't want to take off my shorts. 
What would be the disadvantages of only doing topless? Less money? 

Dion's response: The disadvantage would be that you wouldn't make ANY money whatsoever.

Women pay at least $200 an hour for a male stripper to show up, strip down to a thong, and put on an entertaining performance. Leaving on the shorts opens up a barrage of complaints.

In this line of work, men have two choices: strip down to a thong, or down to nothing at all. It's not like female stripping where you can opt out of full nudity by keeping the bottoms or the top on for less money.

Female customers expect a man to show up in a thong. It's part of the act!

If you're hesitant about taking off the shorts, I have some advice for you:

Find another job.

I'm not saying this out of spite or sarcasm. I'm just giving you a realistic perspective. Here are some analogies of what you're saying.

"I want to be a chef, but I don't want to cook anything."

I guess you could prepare salads or microwave food, but you're severely limiting your menu options, and customers will go elsewhere for more offerings.

"I want to be a plumber, but I don't want to fix toilets or sinks."

Maybe you can fix baths or showers, but you won't get as much work, and you're forgetting what the title plumber means.

"I want to babysit, but I don't feed kids or change diapers."

That defeats the purpose of even trying to become a babysit then.

My point is that you're basically telling a prospective employer that you want the job, but you'll only do half the work of the other employees. Imagine how ridiculous that makes you sound. You're not exactly making yourself appealing.

There are plenty of guys out there who are charismatic, look great, and willing to strip down to a thong on a moment's notice. They're the competition, and you're entering without meeting the requirements.

Now this is speculation, but I gather you don't want to strip beyond shorts because you feel uncomfortable about something. Maybe your thighs are too skinny, your ass is hairy, or you're concerned about your penis size.

I have some bad news for you.

If you're insecure about exposing yourself, then this is the wrong line of work. The banana hammock doesn't leave much to the imagination, and some girls will even want you to take that off. They won't react too kindly when refuse to strip beyond shorts.

Keeping your shorts on is fine, but not in this line of work. if you want to dance in front of a crowd of girls while wearing shorts, then do so at a beach or pool party. Just don't expect women to fork out $200 an hour for it.

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