Thursday, April 16, 2015

Dancing With an Owl

April 11, 2015

First Party: 6:30 pm

This group of Georgian girls were a fantastic crowd. They carried a good mixture of politeness, courtesy, and openness. Their special request called for "something wild" at the end, so I gave them all a nude show.

At first, I was worried about offending a few of the more reserved girls, but one girl said, "Don't worry, hun. You ain't going to offend us. The last male stripper we had yanked my tube top down and titty-fucked me."

That incident took place at a male strip club in Atlanta. The girls said they were appalled by the guy's brazen act, but too shocked to say or do anything. Needless to say, they did not give him or the club repeat business.

Second Party: 8:00 pm

This audience consisted of two brides and many of their sorority sisters who graduated from L.S.U. One peculiar thing about this party was a girl in an owl costume dancing next to me the entire time. While I alternated performing for the two brides, the owl stood on a table an arm's length away from me and flapped it's wings as it danced.

I don't do drugs, but if I did, then I would've lived a nightmare.

The girls told me that the owl was their sorority's mascot.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed this show. That's the beauty of being a male stripper. Each work day is a new experience. 


  1. An owl dancing next to you ? Wild ! LoL

    A new experience, indeed !

  2. ok that was hilarious XD. keep up the good work sexy. If I ever hire you for a private it will be only you and me, you in your thong and me in my own thong, dancing and "dancing" all night in dim lights ;P


    1. You don't happen to be around the Emerald Coast, eh?

    2. I live in Chestnut Hill really, that's in Boston ;) If I get the chance to visit with some friends the emerald coast sometime this year, I'll try to reach you. Honest.... Hope you don't mind but I'd like to feel your body and your lips all over me and then taking your thong off with desperate passion and while riding you deeply with your face in the agony of pleasure you'll try to take back your sexy thong from my hands like you were a sexual victim, reluctant, groaning, moaning and saying faintly "no please...naah... give me that back" and I will hop faster in response, holding you tightly, moaning and cumming together many times...i don't know if that is possible :P

      Hope that didn't scare you Dion. But as you well know, women have their fantasies too. ;D. The girl that's enjoying now is so lucky. Kisses babe.

      Gemma Francesca A.B.

    3. Didn't scare me at all! Your imagination sounds like fun. Drop me an e-mail sometime!