Sunday, October 11, 2015

A 93-year-old's Bucket List

My agent booked me for a show last Sunday at noon. Very few strip shows are ever at noon. Most are in the evening before or after the girls go out to the clubs, not when people are leaving church.

My agent sent me this text: "Keep it clean." 

I soon discovered why. This show was for an old lady's 93rd birthday. Her name was Betty and she was born in 1922, when Warren G. Harding was president of the United States. She lived through the Great Depression, World War II, and the productions of Ford Model T's. She experienced many historical events throughout the last century... except seeing a male stripper.

One of the items on Betty's bucket list was to see a male stripper. According to her family, she has been trying for years. She tried to see Thunder From Down Under (Australian male revue act) when she was in Las Vegas, but the only person who would go with her was her 16-year-old great grand-daughter, and the venue did not allow minors entry.

Therefore, Betty's family arranged for me to strip during her birthday party.

I arrived in a police outfit, but Betty knew I was the stripper. "Just go ahead and take it off!" she said.

I stripped out of the uniform, and flexed a bicep in front of her. She grabbed the muscle, commenting, "I wish I saw more of these when I was younger."

My act only lasted ten minutes. Betty's family stood in the background and watched, which would've felt awkward for me if Betty wasn't having such a good time of it all. She hooted in delight as I swayed about in my underwear. I don't recall seeing many women getting so excited over a male stripper as Betty.

After my performance, I posed for a few pictures with her and the female members of her family. "I must say," Betty said, "that I don't think I ever had a birthday present this exciting in my whole life. Too bad we didn't have male strippers when I was younger!"

Everyone laughed, including me. 

I left the party feeling a high degree of job satisfaction--like I did a good deed for someone. 

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