Saturday, November 14, 2015

Smelled Awful

In a follow-up to my previous post on hygiene, I came across this picture on Instagram that perfectly reinforces my point:

The caption read, "Don't let the picture fool you we were all actually terrified. #malestripper #hideous #scarred #smelledawful

In the comments, one of the girls even told the guy that he stinks. It's evident in this photo, considering that all of the girls are keeping their distance from him. Really. NONE OF THEM are making physical contact with him, with the exception of his hand touching one girl's leg, and notice how even that leg seems to want to move away to escape his touch.

That's pretty bad.

Girls often drape themselves on the male stripper when it comes time for pictures like these.

This guy had other issues besides smelling bad, but out of everything, his hygiene hurt him the most.


  1. Dude looks like a pre-contest phase bodybuilder preparing for a NON drug tested event. I'm sure his steroid/GH physique and those whey protein farts seeping out of his G-string probably sealed the deal in his lack of appeal!

    1. Definitely not the look these girls were wanting!

  2. Dude looks like a pre-contest phase bodybuilder getting ready for a NON-drug tested show. He exudes steroids, GH and a limitless tanning membership. However what most likely did him in was the copious quantities of whey protein farts he released in those damsel's faces.