Friday, November 20, 2015

The Redneck Biker Costume

Here's an e-mail a little while back from a male stripper asking for advice:

Hey man, I don't know how old your site is but I saw it and figured you may be the only person who could actually help me. My name is Hunter I work for a club in Richmond Virginia as a male exotic entertainer (commission based all tips, no payroll). I work with a bunch of other guys covering all genres girls could like (soldier, Gangster, Cowboy, extreme dancing skills guy, tattoos/badass, 2 black guys, and then there's me and my theme they labeled me with is Construction and I also have a doctor act) 
My question is where my actual theme could lie. By nature I am nowhere near a doctor status, and I'm really too skinny to be a hard working construction man. I am currently the tallest member of the group and that's actually why I was originally hired, but it's a tall lean build (6'5" and 190 lbs). My biggest problem is trying to find my niche within the group. Everyone says you can't be the same as another dancer which sucks because I am far more country than the cowboy guy will ever know in his lifetime and so currently I've been trying to pull off a redneck biker (motorcycle/Harley Davidson rider with a country twist where I dance to classic rock and country blended) it works to some degree but as soon as girls hear "country boy" about cowboy they flip out and won't hear about anyone else being country or redneck which leads me wondering what the heck I can do now. 
Last night we had a show and Cowboy went first and sold his hot seat for $300. I was second on the lineup and stand 6 inches taller than the cowboy guy and most of the other guys and the DJ said redneck biker and I sold my seat for $30 it was depressing as hell. I know it's a lot to read but pleaseee I need some guidance on what I can possibly do. I started being the most awkward dancer of them all but over the course of 8 months I have more improving and progress than nearly anyone and I have a pushing drive in life so I'm not going to give up, but I need to figure out how to stand out from everyone else.  Thanks for your time. 

My Response:

Hi Hunter,

One thing you need to know about male stripper costumes is that women love men with good jobs. That's why they request male strippers to dress as cops, firefighters, military, doctors, or in business suits. Next comes the rugged themes like construction worker or cowboy -- once again they're associated with jobs, albeit more along the blue collar line.

The main exception to this rule would fall in the "bad boy" category, such as the gangsta outfit or a guy covered in tattoos. Even then, women as a whole still prefer the job-themed costumes.

That's one reason why your "redneck biker" fails. Women don't fantasize about rednecks or bikers. The term "redneck" itself often draws a negative connotation, and most people think of bikers as old and overweight.

Respect the audience's tastes. Be their ideal fantasy man. If the other main themes are taken, then wear a business suit and be a lawyer. Even the Fifty Shades theme would fly.

The other point I'd like to cover is your frame. If you're 6'5" and weigh 190 lbs., then you're a little on the lean side. It wouldn't hurt you to pad those muscles up. This may be hurting you as much as the costume theme.

One thing that I suggest you not do is compare yourself to other dancers. You're always going to be miserable if you try to stack yourself up to them. Each guy has his unique look and act. As you said, you just need to find your niche. You can start by ridding yourself of the redneck biker persona.

Good luck and keep trying.


  1. Seems like there's a sport theme missing in the line up. I'd think quarterback or outfielder would be an awesome costume with his height. ~ Warren

    1. I'm sure it's been done before. If I was doing the a male revue and needed a few extra themes, I'd look into the quarterback getup.

  2. Ah yes, Richmond, VA! Can you say WHITE TRASH. Yes, a white trash/redneck mecca! Here is my advice..............

    1) Ditch any notion of doing a white collar theme (lawyer, doctor, businessman, Mr.GQ). A white collar, highly educated man does not represent a "man" in their white trash/redneck world. The women of the white trash/redneck demographic are going to want a man who reminds them of the daddy they grew up having sex with in the trailer park. The daddy who bitch slapped their mommy across the living room floor. The daddy who sat on the couch slamming back Budweiser beers, turkey pot pies and farting while watching NASCAR. That is their image of a "man," and not the white collar, highly educated professional with clean hands. Go BLUE COLLAR at any cost!

    2) Your height is a blessing, however at 190lbs you probably weigh less than the average white trash/redneck sow! A lean/ripped male fitness model type of physique is not appealing to white trash/redneck whores! And, in conjunction with this, if you are devoid of tattoos and clean cut, you are screwed! Bottom Line? Get your bodyweight over the 220lbs mark (minimum). You don't have to be ultra lean; white trash/redneck women are not drawn to "six-pack abs."(their daddy probably had a beer gut). Also, grow a beard if you don't have one already. (Beards are trending now and women, being herd animals, are going to like what they are told to like via the current trend (i.e. beards and tattoos).

    In summary, Richmond, VA = White Trash! You have to appeal to white trash!
    1)Blue collar theme. 2) Bulk Up 3) Beard.